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Sidi Wire 2 – First Look

The new Sidi Wire 2 arrives in the Saddleback office – we give you a close-up look at the stunning new design from cycling's most revered shoemaker. The Sidi Wire 2...

The new Sidi Wire 2 arrives in the Saddleback office – we give you a close-up look at the stunning new design from cycling's most revered shoemaker.

The Sidi Wire 2 is the latest design from the Italian brand and builds on a legacy of cycling innovation that began back in 1973 with the first bolt-on cleat.

A lot has changed in the last 45 years, but Sidi’s passion for performance and aesthetics continue to drive designs loved by the pro peloton and weekend warriors alike. In fact, when it comes to exciting new cycling products landing in the Saddleback office, nothing gets the roadies among our team swarming for a look-see quite as fast as a new Sidi shoe.

It’s a ritual ingrained for good reason – Sidi’s penchant for combining the practical with the beautiful is legendary and the Wire 2 is a particularly fine iteration on the brand’s long timeline of classics.

Let’s start with the redesigned microfibre upper. Especially in this gorgeous matte grey colourway, it’s nothing short of functional art. The textured sections alternate between an industrial-inflected ladder effect and embossed circles that recall op-art in the hexagon effect created when viewed from a distance.

Sidi Wire 2 Saddleback Side Pattern 1

Each panel is separated by angled lines that reinforce the placement of the wire closure system that gives the shoe its name. Even the perforations, added to help the feet breathe, are placed so as not to disrupt the aesthetic.

The stitching, especially around the Sidi logo and the brand’s customary smooth toebox panel, enhances the overall look – its precision an art in itself worthy of a master cordwainer. The result is a considered, timeless design that modernises the classic Sidi styling yet seems utterly in keeping with the brand’s heritage. 

The Soft Instep strap is one of Sidi’s signature designs. For its fourth iteration, the patented strap has become smaller with more flexible padded edges for comfort without losing its hallmark support and security. Like the previous versions, the strap features a toothed profile allowing you to tune the fit perfectly depending on your foot volume.

The strap is paired with the Tecno 3 Push wire closure system – an evolution of a design first patented for cycling shoes by Sidi founder Dino Signori in 1988. Tap the central red button and the ratcheting lever pops out, giving easy incremental adjustment for a custom fit. Taking its cue from its fellow top-of-the-tree shoe, the Shot, the Wire 2 also features a centrally aligned dial on the shoe’s padded tongue, which draws the lower section of the upper together evenly for a snug, cosseted feel that banishes pinching or hot spots. 

That other Sidi trademark, the reinforced heel cup, has also evolved with a new more angular design while retaining its signature support. It’s also adjustable – each pair of Wire 2 shoes comes with a small flat-head driver to adjust the tension on the base of your Achilles, ensuring comfort and security no matter how hard you’re climbing or sprinting.

All this upper tech and design is partnered by Sidi’s Vent Carbon sole, which is something of a technical marvel in itself. The carbon layup has been designed to give perfect power transfer while retaining a little give up front to avoid excess pressure on the toes. The sole’s eponymous vent is accessed via a sliding cover under the toebox – open it when you want more air, close it when the seasons change. 

To finish, there’s a replaceable heel pad, which along with a plethora of other spares, extends the life of the shoes making this pair of cycling kicks a real value for money investment as well as a statement of your cycling style.

The Sidi Wire 2 is currently available as an early-release product in limited colours and styles – there will be more options available soon.

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