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Silca Launches T-Ratchet And Ti-Torque Mini Tools

New Silca multi-configurable ratcheting mini tool and torque wrench available soon.

New Silca multi-configurable ratcheting mini tool and torque wrench available now.

Silca has announced its latest products – the T-Ratchet multi-tool and additional Ti-Torque extension, which are set to revolutionise on-the-move wrenching with simple, adaptable operation and accurate torque measurement.

The T-Ratchet is the ultimate multi-tool thanks to a clever modular design that allows the use of any quarter-inch drive bit in three configurations. The precise, 72-tooth ratchet mechanism can be used as a short reach t-handle, long-reach t-handle or high-torque ratchet, which, thanks to its low profile, also allows use in the tightest spaces.

The T-Ratchet kit comes with 10 hardened S-2 steel bits (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm hex and T10, T20, T25 torx and a Philips head); a hard steel magnetic bit extender (for long-reach t-handle use); and a hand-stitched waxed canvas and ripstop nylon case with magnetic closures to keep it all in. 

Silca is also offering the Ti-Torque, a new torque-measuring bit driver that offers accurate torque readings of 2-8Nm – perfect for most on-the-road or on-the-trail adjustments. The Ti-Torque works thanks to a carefully calibrated 6Al/4V titanium torsion beam that deflects under load, allowing a live torque measurement to be read on the side of the tool. It’s also super lightweight at only 30g.

The new designs came about in response to the simple fact that 70 per cent of all tool-induced damage to delicate bolts and components happen when on the road or trail. Silca wants to end the epidemic of cracked carbon fibre components, rounded hex-keys and stripped screw threads that happen all too easily with poor or limited tools when outside the workshop.

The tools' designs are backed up with 10-months of prototyping behind them and plenty of real-world testing from workshop and WorldTour mechanics. In order to get the T-Ratchet and Ti-Torque into production alongside Silca’s other products, the brand took to Kickstarter for backing. The campaign reached its funding goal in only 12 hours, which has allowed Silca to invest in forged manufacturing for four of the components, resulting in a stronger finished product.

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