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Sportful Fiandre Collection Autumn/Winter 2020 Guide

By Stan Portus –  3 Nov 2020

Spend less time on the turbo this winter and more time on the road. Built to meet the demands of the Tour of Flanders, the Sportful Fiandre Autumn/Winter collection will protect you from the wind, rain, and the outright unexpected.

Many of the greatest Sportful pro riders have won the Tour of Flanders. Throughout the years Sportful has listened to the pros feedback. For every rider, this was key: clothing needed to excel in often quickly changing weather conditions and protect them from the wind, rain, and whatever mother nature decides to throw their way come race day.

The Autumn/Winter 2020 Fiandre collection was developed and designed to do just this. Employing a range of technologies such as Polartec Neoshell and Sportful’s own NoRain fabric, the Fiandre helps the pros fight the elements at the early Spring Classics, so come the closing the kilometres they can deliver and be the first to cross the line.

But the Fiandre collection isn’t just for the pros: it is for you as well. Tested up the Bergs and down through the fields of Flanders, the Fiandre collection will protect you from the wind, rain, and the outright unexpected, wherever you ride.  

Fiandre Pro Medium Jacket

Sportful-Sportful Fiandre Pro Medium Jacket-Black/Anthracite-S-SF195020022-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre Pro Medium Jacket

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Sportful-Sportful Fiandre Pro Medium Women's Jacket-Black-XS-SF195310021-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre Pro Medium Women's Jacket

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The Fiandre Pro Medium Jacket use Polartec® fabric on the front and Sportful’s lighter NoRain material on the back. High breathability is the biggest asset here: ideal for slightly warmer conditions or riding full gas. Pair with a thermal layer for cold conditions.

Fiandre NoRain Pro Bibtight

Sportful-Sportful Fiandre Pro Bibtights-Black-XS-SF019350021-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre Pro Bibtights

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The Fiandre Pro Bibtight provides extra protection from wind and water. Made from Sportful’s NoRain Thermal fabric the tights offer protection from rain, snow and the cold, while also remaining breathable enough for maximum exertions, even in the dry.

The bibtights feature a new construction helping keep water out. The seam at the back of the shorts is lower than on other bibtights, so it won’t soak up water and grime from wheel spray. The front is made with a double layer to ensure excellent warmth at low temperatures and high speeds, and coated ankle zippers provide maximum water protection. 

Fiandre Pro Jacket

Sportful-Sportful Fiandre Pro Jacket-Black-S-SF195000022-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre Pro Jacket

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Sportful-Sportful Fiandre Pro Women's Jacket-Black-XS-SF195300021-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre Pro Women's Jacket

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For pro riders, the weather is no excuse. Sportful developed the Fiandre Pro Jacket to protect the pros when they’re heading out into foul weather. Made from from Polartec® NeoShell® fabric the jacket is windproof and waterproof. Taped seems and a waterproof YKK® zipper provide extra protection.

Fiandre Warm Jacket

Sportful-Sportful Fiandre Warm Jacket-Black-S-SF205000022-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre Warm Jacket

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The Fiandre Warm Jacket is made with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ fabric to provide the right level of thermal protection on the most exposed areas, and a lighter, perforated back for breathability. Zippered openings on the front with easy-to-pull grips allow you to increase ventilation, even with gloves on.

Fiandre Light NoRain Jacket

Sportful-Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain Jacket-Black-S-SF200210022-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain Jacket

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Sportful-Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain Women's Jacket-Black-XS-SF200410021-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre Light NoRain Women's Jacket

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The Fiandre Light NoRain Jacket provides protection and resistance from the rain with Sportful’s NoRain Light fabric built into the back. NoRain allows moisture to escape while stopping rain from getting in, making a highly breathable and versatile jersey. A long back provides coverage from wheel spray and creates a comfortable fit. Perfect for racing in Belgium, and perfect for Britain’s inclement weather too.

Fiandre NoRain Team Bibtights

Sportful-Sportful Fiandre NoRain Team Bibtights-Black-S-SF195040022-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre NoRain Team Bibtights

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Sportful-Sportful Fiandre NoRain Women's Bibtights-Black-XS-SF195320021-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre NoRain Women's Bibtights

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The Fiandre NoRain Team Bibtights are a weather beating set of bottoms: simple, reliable, wet weather protection that will keep you performing at your best in the worst conditions.

Made from Sportful’s NoRain Thermal fabric the cycling tights have a brushed lining and a proprietary nanotechnology treatment. Highly breathable, these tights will keep you from overheating on warmer days and the water repellent treatment will keep out light rain, road spray, and snow. 

Fiandre Light Glove

Sportful-Sportful Fiandre Light Gloves-Black-XS-SF195460021-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Sportful Fiandre Light Gloves

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The Fiandre Light Glove is exceptional in milder conditions. Water repellent, softshell fabric paired with taped seams keep water out, and a neoprene cuff seals tight to the skin to keep water out. Comfort and performance levels are kept high with a silicone gripper palm and a curved bar-gripping shape. For colder conditions try the Fiandre Glove

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