Stages Link App Update Adds New Features to the Stages Bike SB20

By Stan Portus –  7 October 2020

The Stages Bikes SB20 is the gold standard for any riders looking to train indoors, and the 2.8 Link app update brings even more features and functionality to the indoor training bike.

The Stages Bike SB20 from Stages Cycling brings the America company’s expertise as one of the world’s largest gym bike providers and power meter producers into your home, combining industrial strength with the same tech that has led to multiple victories at some of the world’s biggest bike races, including the Tour de France.

Prioritising real-world feel with customisable componentry, electronic gear shifting, and an oversized free wheel that makes climbing, acceleration, and coasting feel uncanny, the SB20 already has plenty going for it.

But a new update to Stages’ Link App introduces even greater functionality to the home exercise bike for even better riding, whether you’re concentrating solely on your efforts and riding with friends on platforms like Zwift.

The 2.8 Link app update includes:

Shifting Feedback via the Link app: Users can configure any virtual drivetrain to provide vibrating audio tone and/or haptic (vibrating) shift feedback from the phone app.

Wider Range Dream Drive Virtual Gearing: Stages has increased the virtual gear ratios available for the user-customizable Dream Drive. With Dream Drive you can define up to 50 virtual gears, now with a wider low range of 0.5:1 (previously 1:1) for a better experience when riding steep gradients in 3rd party apps such as Zwift.

Power Averaging Now Available on the App Page: Riders using the Stages Link app during their SB20 sessions can now select from 1, 3 or 10 second power averaging displayed for even better interval training or just greater insight while spinning the legs.  


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