The New Sidi Shot 2

By Stan Portus –  24 November 2020

Built from the ground up with a host of new technical features, the Sidi Shot 2 Road Shoe sets a new benchmark in performance and quality for what the pros and everyday riders alike can expect from a road cycling shoe.

When setting out to create the second generation of the Shot, Sidi didn’t just add a few new upgrades to the previous Shot. Instead, the Italian shoe company started from scratch. The Sidi Shot 2 is a completely new design that sets a new benchmark when it comes to performance and quality.

This process of building the new Shot from the ground up began two years ago, and now the next generation of the road cycling shoe is ready for its entry into the world.   

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The Sidi Shot 2 in grey shot side on, on a wood and metal work bench with a white painted brick background

The Shot 2 may be brand new, but it is emblematic of what cyclists can expect from Sidi. The Shot 2 marries Sidi’s distinctive, classic styling and handmade quality with modern materials and technical features.

At the core of the Shot 2 is Sidi’s C-Boost SRS carbon sole. The completely new sole brings better power transfer, great comfort, and superb ventilation, all while offering a reduction in weight too. The sole achieves its low weight and performance with a new carbon layup that reduces the amount of material used in areas which only need to offer support while improving stiffness in areas that are key to power transfer.

In response to bike fitters’ wishes for greater cleat position adjustment, the drilling for the cleat on the Sidi Shot 2 now offers an additional 5mm of movement to the rear of the shoe. This means riders are sure to have greater control over their cleat position, ultimately ensuring greater comfort on the bike.

the new Sidi Shot 2 on its side showing the C-BOOST SRS carbon fibre sole

A traditional feature of Sidi shoes is the heel cup design. For the Shot 2 Sidi has updated the heel cup’s design, so it has lower bulk to remove weight whilst retaining the same support. The adjustable heel retention system on the heel cup introduces customisation into the Shot 2’s design, so you can tailor the fit of the shoe to your heel, and it is held snugly and pedalling efficiency is kept high.

The Shot 2 has Sidi’s double Tecno-3 push dials to enable a precise and secure fit. The combination of two dials allows micro adjustments around the top of the foot as well as across the lower part of the shoe.

Located on the shoe’s tongue, the dials minimise potential drag while helping create the Shot 2’s unfussy, classic appearance.  

Close up of the top of a grey Sidi Shot 2 showing the Double Tecno-3 closing dial

The Shot 2’s upper uses a microfibre fabric which combines high durability, strength, and shape retention. The fabric also allows for some movement, so feet stay comfortable whether you’re out on the bike day after day or undertaking an all-day epic.

Sidi’s shoes are renowned for their build quality. This is in part due to the selection of materials but also the emphasis on craftsmanship and development of expertise and knowledge over Sidi’s 60 years of manufacture. This often means that the plastic/rubber toe and heel grips on Sidi shoes often wear out before the rest of the shoe. However, this is not something to worry about as the grips on the Shot 2 are replaceable, meaning you can enjoy the performance benefits and undeniable style of the Shot’s for years to come. 

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Sidi Shot 2 Features

• Double Techno 3 Push Closure Systems

• Reflex adjustable heel retention device

• Integrated heel pad

• Comfort fit insole

• C-BOOST SRS sole

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