Upgrade your e-MTB with the PUSH ElevenSix Rear Shock  

14 September 2021

By Nicki Giles

PUSH ElevenSix Rear Shock sitting on shiny surface

The PUSH ElevenSix RHD Rear Shock is built to offer you an unrivalled e-MTB experience. Here's why you need one on your full-sus rig. 

E-MTBs like the Specialized Turbo Kenevo are becoming ever-more popular with mountain bikers looking to cover tougher ground or complete trails while expending less energy. Going further with reduced effort can be even more rewarding with the addition of a shock designed to cushion the extra heft of an e-MTB on your suspension.

The PUSH ElevenSix RHD for e-MTB will support the mass of your  bike while offering enhanced small bump sensitivity and traction, so you needn’t choose between efficiency and performance.

PUSH ElevenSix Shock against white background in side view

It delivers these benefits due to its Melonite QPQ high strength steel shaft, hardened spherical ball bearings that generate little resistance and stiction, and ultralight Hybrid Hypercoil spring system that doesn’t fatigue and comes in a choice of 13 spring rates, each with a tolerance of +/- 2 lb.

There is also a low pressure/high volume reservoir with an IFP, so that there’s less heat build-up and stiction in your suspension over long rides. Thus, the shock won’t get firmer and the damping characteristics won’t change on long descents, park days or particularly difficult stretches. Lower friction means an increase in small bump sensitivity, which means you enjoy improved cornering grip and comfort.

Most importantly, the e-MTB-specific shock includes PUSH Industries’ patented Dual Overhead Compression Valve System, which will let you flick between two separate high and low compression circuits. Thus, you'll be able to implement a firm suspension for climbing or jumps, something that is lacking with many coil shocks, and finish the route with more energy in the tank. Alternatively, you’ll be able to opt for a plusher feel, with greater traction, when descending rough tracks.

PUSH ElevenSix Shock against white background

The ElevenSix RHD for e-MTB, like all ElevenSix rear shocks, is tuned by PUSH Industries to suit your precise weight, riding style and mountain bike model, to give you maximum control and confidence. It will therefore deliver exceptional ride quality, while requiring less servicing than an air shock.

There is also the option to reconfigure it, making it a wonderful investment, since you’ll be able to bring that peak suspension performance along with you when you move to a new mountain bike. It is compatible with the following models:

  • Orbea Rise 2021
  • SantaCruz Bullit 2021
  • Specialized Kenevo SL 2022
  • Specialized Levo/Levo SL (Gen 2) 2019
  • Specialized Levo/Levo SL (Gen 3) 2022
  • YT Decoy 2019

So, if you're lucky enough to own one of these already superb e-MTBs, remember that PUSH Industries doesn't bring out a shock for any bike model unless the brand's boffins are completely confident they can improve on the existing suspension performance. It's time to see what your mountain bike can really do!

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