Wolf Tooth EnCase System First Look

By  Stan Portus – 28 November 2019

The new EnCase System from Wolf Tooth is an in-handlebar toolkit and storage system, that has been designed to keep you riding. 

Wolf Tooth has built a reputation for creating innovative products that improve the way your bike works, helping you to keep your bike light, go faster, and have more fun.

Following in that tradition, the Minnesota-based brand’s new EnCase System is an in-handlebar toolkit that has been designed to keep you riding in almost any eventuality, whether you’re out on your MTB, gravel or road bike.

The Wolf Tooth team was inspired to create the product as they loved the idea of being able to carry tools within the bike itself but couldn’t find anything that quite matched their needs as cyclists. “Our goal became clear,” explains Mike Pfeiffer, President of Wolf Tooth, “design multi-tools and a storage system that can fit inside a flat or drop handlebar, but still be tough, reliable, and practical enough for repairs at home or on the trail.” 

The result is a system that consists of a Hex Key Wrench and a Chain + Tire Plug tool, that both fit into Wolf Tooth’s rubber Storage Sleeves, which in turn neatly slot into the end of your handlebars. Each tool has a magnetic end which means they can attach to a steel work stand.

The Hex Bit Wrench boasts 14 functions, which is a mighty feat considering it weighs only 50g. The wrench includes a spoke wrench; valve core wrench; flat head bit; Phillips head bit; 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm hex keys; and T10, T25, and T30 Torx keys. When held in the hand, the quality and precision of the machined aluminium body is impossible to miss. All the parts fit neatly into the body of the tool and are held in place with magnets and O-rings. The Hex Bit Wrench can be used straight like a screwdriver, but it also has a swivel head so the handle can double as a breaker bar to apply more torque if needed – something that is particularly useful when removing and reinstalling pedals. 

Tim O'Donnell Kona 2019Tim O'Donnell Kona 2019

The Chain + Plug tool is similar in size and dimensions to the Hex Bit Wrench and has a swivel head too. It can be used on all chains including 12-speed, in conjunction with a 4mm Hex key. Stored in the body of the Chain + Plug tool is a steel inserter tool for fixing tubeless tyre set ups and five bacon strip tyre plugs.

The Storage Sleeves have aluminium bar ends for durability and have rubber flanges to fit securely in the end of handlebars. The flexible rubber chamber fits an EnCase tool, with enough space to hide away a master link or spare Presta-to-Schrader adapter too. A flap over the rubber tube helps protect what’s inside and can be trimmed to fit smaller diameter tubes. 

Tim O'Donnell Kona 2019

The swivel heads on the two tools aren’t just for improved grip and torque. By introducing hinges into the tools Wolf Tooth have in fact made the EnCase System compatible with drop handlebars, as the tool will bend to the curve of the bars when it is inserted. As drop bars tend to have a wider internal diameter, Wolf Tooth have included a Drop Bar Fit Kit to help tailor the fit.

Cameron Wurf in the wind tunnel

With tubeless tyre setups becoming more and more common in gravel riding – and even road – the fact that the Chain + Plug tool can fit a drop bar will prove invaluable for those embracing where cycling technology is headed. Being able to neatly hide away your tool kit will also help you maintain that pro, minimal fuss look whatever your riding discipline.

The complete EnCase System is available to buy now, and the multitools and Storage Sleeves are also available individually. Wolf Tooth will be adding additional tools, accessories, and storage options to the EnCase product line in the coming months so stay tuned for more on this innovative new take on carrying ride essentials. 

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