Wolf Tooth's New Premium and Performance Headsets

By Stan Portus –  2 October 2020

Wolf Tooth’s Premium and Performance Headsets are designed to keep the elements out and performing year-round, with triple seals and aircraft-grade aluminium. Available in 9 colours, they’ll make your bike pop too.

Anyone familiar with Wolf Tooth will know that it is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to cyclist’s unmet needs and elevating the standard of existing components and parts to whole new levels.

Wolf Tooth’s updated headset range is no exception. Developed to withstand extreme conditions and keep the elements out – ultimately making your headset and bearings work better for longer – the new headsets are tailored to demands of different riders’ needs and performance demands.

The range is split into two main headsets: Premium and Performance. They are both designed to be lightweight, strong, and durable, and are made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminium under Wolf Tooth’s meticulously eye at its Minnesota, USA, HQ.

The headsets have three levels of industry-leading custom sealing to protect the bearings and prolong the headsets life. The top cup of the headsets has an inner O-ring seal to stop rain or water enter the top the cup and contaminate your steerer tube. A precision fitting labyrinth and lip seal stops moisture entering the upper headset cup, and the bearings have a silicone seal for extra protection.  

Image shows the different parts of the Wolf Tooth Headset with the stainless steel and black oxide bearings

Wolf Tooth’s headsets use high-end Enduro bearings. They are engineered to use the largest possible ball size and are filled with high-pressure lubricant.

The headsets are sold as separate upper and lower cups so you can be sure to get the right size with ease.

It’s not just performance. Available in nine anodised colours the Premium and Performance headsets will bring a pop of colour to your bike, whether you decide to go for a matched up, unified look or some eye-grabbing colour clash.  

Labelled diagram comparing the different parts of the Wolf Tooth Premium and Performance Headsets
Cross section diagram of Wolf Tooth Headset showing the different bearing seals

Wolf Tooth Premium Headset

The Premium Headset comes with three top cap height options: 6mm, 15mm, 25mm. This gives any build a neat look and saves hassle with misaligned spacers.

The Premium Headset is also available in Zero Stack, Integrated, and External Cup designs, so you can get the best Wolf Tooth quality whatever you ride.

The headset uses Enduro’s premium stainless-steel bearings for unparalleled corrosion resistance. These are highly recommended if you ride in the foulest conditions. But even if you don’t, they come with a Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind.  

Product image for skus WTIS41U5MMGLD

Wolf Tooth Premium Integrated Standard Headset

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Product image for skus WTZS44U15mmBLK, WTZS44U5MMBLK, WTZS56L40BLK, WTZS44U25mmBLK

Wolf Tooth Premium Zero Stack Headset

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Wolf Tooth-Wolf Tooth Premium External Cup Headset--saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Wolf Tooth Premium External Cup Headset

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Wolf Tooth Performance Headset

For when out and out performance isn’t the order of the day, but quality and reliability are still top priorities.

The Performance Headset uses Enduro’s chromium steel bearings for durability and high load capacities. The bearings have a black oxide coating to reduce corrosion. The dual-lipped seal keeps any moisture or muck from getting to bearings. The headset comes with a 1 year warranty.

Available in zero stack, integrated, and external cup (available soon) designs. 

Product image for skus WTIS41U5MMBLKB, WTIS52L40B

Wolf Tooth Performance Integrated Standard Headset

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Wolf Tooth Performance Zero Stack Headset

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