3T Strada Aero Pro

3T Strada

The 3T Strada consists of disruptive DNA – unrivalled comfort and all-out performance coalesce in a double helix that breeds limitless ride potential.

The Strada is the result of a dedicated and uncompromising drive to design a fully-optimised aero-road bike that not only defies convention but sets a precedent for elite performance bikes of the future. A masterwork of innovative design engineering, the Strada invites us to reconsider what a top-tier road bike is truly capable of.

Revolutionary Ride

Can an all-out performance bike also be comfortable? Simply put, yes.

World-renowned engineer Gerard Vroomen - who was responsible for designing the Strada – is propelled by 3T’s guiding ethos of exploring the limits of performance cycling through innovation.

Inverting conventional knowledge, Vroomen began with the decision to adopt wider tyres. “About half the vertical compliance of a bike is in the tyres”, says Vroomen. “A lot of people think comfort is just important for amateur riders, but it’s also important for people who are looking at pure performance.” High frequency vibrations from real-world road contact have a detrimental effect on overall fatigue levels and where smoothness is compromised, focus dims.

The Strada frameset has been explicitly constructed to be fully-optimised around wider tyres – up to 30mm – ensuring superior comfort whilst equalling, if not surpassing, the aerodynamic refinement of the very-best performance bikes currently available. In research and development 3T utilises extensive wind tunnel testing at speeds of both 20mph and 30mph, meaning that aero optimisation is perfectly suited to real-world conditions.

Simplicity, beauty and function are inextricably linked in every detail of the frameset. From the elegantly curved seat tube to the minimalist, continuous-fibre crown, the Strada marries grace with aggressive racing potential. The proximity of the fork to the downtube invites an attacking riding position, whilst the integrated flat-mount disc inserts afford a previously unknown level of streamlining. Even the bottle mounts are fully optimised such that maximal airflow is retained when carrying fluids. Every single contour, curve and cut of the frame is a direct response to careful aerodynamic analysis, and the rewards of such precision are felt from the very first ride.

For the ultimate aerodynamic refinement, the Strada is available in a single chainring configuration that eliminates drag around the drivetrain and saves weight. However, if you’re looking to retain a double chainring on the front, then the Strada Due enables you to do so with electronic gears. With either option, you’re investing in a frameset that is not only forward-thinking but unrivalled in its synthesis of speed and comfort.

Award-winning performance

After their first ride of the Strada, Road.cc had the following to say:

“[We’ve] never ridden a bike that combines such astounding speed wrapped up with superlative comfort.”

They were so enamoured of the Strada that they went on to crown it both their bike and superbike of the year for 2017/2018, lauding the Strada for the radical scope of its performance.

“It's as fast, if not faster, than many of the best race bikes I've tested. And it's more comfortable on my rough local roads than any other aero road bike.”

Read the full Road.cc review here

Strada Pro

• 3T Strada Pro carbon frame

• 3T Fundi Pro carbon forks

• SRAM Red Force groupset (1 x 11)

• 3T Discus C35 Pro wheelset

• 3T finishing kit

Full Specification

Careful Construction

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