Alchemy Bicycle Co.

Masters of the craft, Alchemy's passion for hand-built performance bikes is backed by collective bike building experience spanning decades. The result is the creation of some of the finest road and mountain bikes in the world – now available exclusively from Saddleback.

A combination of traditional metalwork and innovative handmade carbon construction has seen Alchemy build an enviable and award-winning reputation stateside as a crafter of truly fine road bicycles and mountain bikes. If you're searching for a genuine performance advantage paired with just the right level of exclusivity, Alchemy is the bike brand for you.


Exclusive to Saddleback, Alchemy's range offers handmade exclusivity and incredible value whether your dream bike is made from lovingly laid-up carbon or beautifully welded metal.



Designed to conquer the highest passes, the Atlas combines the outstanding uphill power transfer of the hand-built carbon frame with incredible handling and sublime ride quality to maximising speed whether the road points up or down.

Alchemy Atlas


The full-titanium Eros provides a uniquely beautiful, durable and versatile ride. Forgiving on the body, yet ready to turn every pedal stroke into forward power, the Eros excels no matter how long the ride and how tough the terrain.

Alchemy Eros


Ready to take on the most challenging trails, the full-suspension 27.5” Arktos is the ride of choice of the new Alchemy Factory Racing EWS team. Featuring exclusive Sine Suspension designed by David Earle, the Arktos offers low weight for stunning uphill efficiency and staggering downhill performance.

Alchemy Arktos



Alchemy’s by-hand Techne-Craft frame building process is as far removed from the mass-produced conveyor-belt of carbon as it’s possible to be. 

First, Alchemy’s own carbon tubes are mitred with such precision that each lines up perfectly to the next. The tubes are then placed together on a jig; there’s no need to add joint-filling compound, which leaves a frame feeling lumpen and lifeless. 

Next, one of Alchemy’s master craftsmen sets to work wrapping up to 500 precisely cut strips of unidirectional carbon around the joints. The pieces vary in dimensions from the length of an outstretched arm to size of a postage stamp. Each piece is expertly layered over the next to create the perfect stiffness, strength and ride quality. In the process, Alchemy’s uniquely beautify Techne-Craft carbon patterning is revealed. 

After vacuum forming and curing in Alchemy’s oven, the frame heads to the paint facility. Here, three rounds of clear coat and hand sanding eliminate even the slightest imperfection and ready the frame for painting. This process is its own special kind of Alchemy, each thin layer of paint perfectly judged for a gorgeous finish. 

The final result is a functional piece of art – a frame of stunning looks, minimal weight and astounding ride quality- ready to be built into your dream bicycle. 

Alchemy Techne-CraftAlchemy Techne-Craft


During the 18th century, before the modern periodic table was developed, there was a chemical symbol chart used by alchemists to identify the planetary elements, or metals. Originally, there were only seven base metals: silver, gold, iron, tin, lead, copper, and mercury. It was thought that the alchemist, or purveyor of alchemy, was able to combine base metals like lead into noble metals like gold. 

The idea for the Alchemy logo is a loosely translated combination from the old alchemist’s symbol chart. The circle with small dot in the middle stands for gold, the prongs for silver and the dots at the ends of the prongs for bronze. The overall concept is that Alchemy Bicycles takes different materials and crafts them into a something more valued than the metal itself.

Alchemy Logo
Alchemy Techne-Craft