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How you wash, dry and care for your Castelli cycling kit will greatly influence how well it will perform and how long it will last. So, read on to keep that unfair advantage for as long as possible.

Castelli cycling kit has been especially developed to meet the needs of professional athletes at the highest level of the sport. Whether you're pushing through the pain barrier in the cold and sleet of Belgium in March, or sweating it out in the heat of southern France in July, Castelli kit will allow you to perform at your very best.

To create garments that will maximise your performance in any conditions, whether hot or cold, wet or even snowy, Castelli uses the latest materials, fabrics and barrier technologies. These technologies require sympathetic care to prevent damage to the wicking, waterproof, or sun protective properties.

We can't guarantee that your Castelli products will last forever, but this guide will maximise every product's performance and lifespan.

Where to find Castelli care instructions

Washing instructions are printed on a white tag inside each piece of clothing. This is usually found at the hip on shorts and around the kidney in jackets and jerseys.

Some garments come with swing tags with specific instructions for fabrics, so always read your swing tags too. If the swing tag and care label differ, always go for the lowest temperature. 

Following these instructions will help to achieve the highest performance from your Castelli products and extend their useful lifespan. The key thing to bear in mind is to avoid any products containing bleach – which means no biological detergents in the UK.

If you have cut off the label or you want more detailed cleaning advice, please follow the instructions below.