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HJC Cycling Helmets

With helmet expertise dating back to 1971, in-house manufacturing and its own wind tunnel on site, HJC – the world's biggest motorcycle helmet manufacturer – is set to take the cycling world by storm.

Though relatively new to the cycling market, HJC's commitment to innovation and performance is second to none with the South Korean brand always seeking new ways to maximise aerodynamics, cooling and safety.

The company's entry into the world of cycling has already been proven through its partnership with World Tour teams AG2R Citroën with Bob Jungels and Greg Van Avermaet and Israel Start-Up Nation with Dan Martin and Chris Froome. Meanwhile the brand’s Adwatt time-trial and triathlon helmet helped Victor Campenaerts set a new UCI Hour Record of 55.089km in April 2019.

This mastery of cycling helmet performance in so short a space of time is down to HJC's incredible engineering experience and backed up by the brand's own on-site wind tunnel, which allows the team to rapidly test their newest designs.

With a focus on not only advancing helmet aerodynamics, but maximising air intake and exhaust to outperform the competition, HJC's helmets are light, cool and packed with technology to give you the best of comfort, safety and on the bike performance.

The range in focus

For the performance athlete: Ibex 2.0

This top-tier performance road helmet has been ridden to multiple World Tour stage victories. Its 16-port ventilation system makes it perfect if you’re likely to be emptying the tank in prolonged hot climbs or committed to all-out race development.

Characterised by: Unrivalled ventilation, lasting comfort and a super-lightweight construction


For the TT titan: Furion 2.0

HJC’s flagship semi-aero road helmet, the Furion 2.0 is ideal for hotter climates where airflow has a greater effect on performance. If you’re a triathlete, crit racer or simply riding throughout hot summer months, this is a fantastic option.

Characterised by: sleek design, aerodynamic streamlining and a featherweight construction


For the all-rounder: Valeco

The Valeco performance road helmet weighs only 20 grams more than the flagship Ibex 2.0 and doesn’t compromise on performance capability in a wide range of conditions. With 12 ventilation holes and availability in an array of colours, this is a smart investment if you’re riding year-round in a variety of settings.

Characterised by: cool colours, supreme ventilation and modern styling


For the everyday rider: Atara

The HJC Atara is an entry-level road helmet suited to discerning commuters, weekend racers and those who want the technically progressive design utilised in HJC’s top of the line helmets at a lower price point.

Characterised by: easy adjustment, lasting security and a lightweight construction


For all-out speed: Adwatt

This aero TT helmet was developed in conjunction with UCI Hour Record holder, Victor Campenaerts and led him to break the existing record early in 2019. The Adwatt is entirely streamlined with and without a shield. If you’re motivated by marginal gains and dream big, this is a brilliant choice.

Characterised by: phenomenal streamlining, integrated ventilation and comprehensive design



Based in South Korea, HJC has been making helmets since 1971, growing into not only one of the most experienced manufacturers in the business, but also one of the biggest. In fact, HJC makes up 20% of the European motorcycle helmet market and has enjoyed the enviable title as the world’s number one helmet manufacturer for the last 18 years.

The HJC team is now committed to producing the best cycling helmets in the peloton, utilising its expertise in design, engineering, wind-tunnel analysis and production to produce the finest quality helmets with exceptional performance.

HJC and Saddleback

HJC joined Saddleback in September 2019. The passion we saw from the HJC team upon meeting them made us giddy with the possibilities this helmet specialist could bring to the cycling world. With the perfect blend of aero speed, innovative cooling, safety and, of course, style, HJC is an ideal brand partner for Saddleback.

With HJC on board, we can now offer you a full World Tour wardrobe with these outstanding helmets being complemented perfectly by Castelli apparel and Sidi shoes.

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