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HJC entered cycling with a bang, having perfected the arts of aerodynamics and fitting in the MotoGP arena. Its helmets are tested by pro teams and in its own wind tunnel, allowing it to hone their speed and refine innovations.

Founded in South Korea by the Hong family, in 1971, HJC has a longstanding a reputation or making safe, stylish motorcycle helmets. The brand burst onto the cycling helmet scene relatively recently, launching four new bicycle helmets at Eurobike 2017 and sponsoring Lotto Soudal in 2018.

Since then, HJC has solidified its reputation for quality through sponsorship deals with UCI WorldTeams AG2R Citroën and Israel–Premier Tech, plus involvement with Victor Campenaerts’ successful UCI Hour Record bid in 2019, for which he wore an HJC Adwatt Time Trial helmet.

The brand’s success is due to experience, investment of 10% of the company’s profits annually into R&D, enabling it to constantly innovate, and the fact that its pro relationships and wind tunnel test lab allow it to thoroughly test each new design.


Furion 2.0 Road Cycling Helmet

The light, sleek Furion 2.0 is a semi-aero helmet, developed with the help of pro cyclists, which blends outstanding aerodynamic capabilities with efficient ventilation. It maximises airflow and cooling through the inclusion of CoolPathTM technology and 15 channels that maximise the inflow and exodus of air. At the same time, its shape, perfected through years of MotoGP design and wind tunnel testing, minimises the drag force acting on the helmet at different speeds.

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Studio shot of an olive and black coloured HJC Furion helmet from the front
Studio shot from the front of a grey helmet with grey and mint aspects

Ibex 2.0 Road Cycling Helmet

Also developed with pro rider input, the Ibex 2.0 is HJC’s range-topping performance lid. Clean and stylish, it’s designed to cheat the wind as much as possible, with an open, super-aerodynamic construction. Meanwhile, 16 large open vents promote outstanding cooling and ventilation. It shares both the CoolPathTM system and HJC’s five-step SelFitTM dial system, made to ensure a comfortable yet secure fit, with the Furion. Perfect for high level exertion, it’s a favourite with Chris Froome.


HJC Adwatt TT Cycling Helmet

Developed with Campenaerts himself for his successful UCI Hour Record bid, the Adwatt TT is a speed lid that performs equally well with or without a shield. Developed and tested in the brand’s wind tunnel, it is streamlined while also being exceedingly well ventilated and cool. Weighing in at under 350g, it has a simple, comfortable fitting system, developed through 3D analysis, that will make the Adwatt your new favourite Time Trial helmet.

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Side view studio shot of a black HJC Adwatt TT helmet with red stripes and visor down
Black ENVE logo on a white background
AG2R Citroen pro rider in ride position wearing a white HJC helmet


A huge name in motorcycle helmets, claiming 20% of the European and US markets, HJC has put its years of development knowledge to work to ensure its bicycle helmets are sleek, strong, lightweight and well fitting. All of its helmets are tested in-house, at the wind tunnel and on the road, to promote aerodynamics, safety and rider comfort, HJC’s three top priorities.

In pursuit of excellence in these areas, HJC, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, has invested in state-of-the-art development facilities, new factories, top of the range machines, the wind tunnel and its own team of 20 riders to test the helmets for hours at a time.

Another priority for HJC has been developing a wide range of products to suit riders of all levels, from entry level helmets to finely tuned racing lids. To that end, the brand has invested in supporting both proven champions and up-and-coming talents in every arena it makes products for, from road to enduro and BMX freestyle, in order to learn from their feedback and cater to their requirements.

This dedication to developing the helmets that cyclists really need, which will perform all speeds and while riding in all different positions, has been the key to driving HJCs success in the peloton.

Innovation from HJC

Through its devotion to R&D, HJC has developed several proprietary and preferred technologies to promote better helmet aerodynamics, safety and comfort.

CoolPathTM and SelFitTM are two of these, with the first technology replacing the inner padding of the helmet to optimise airflow and trim weight, while the second – developed with the help of 3D laser scanning on a range of heads – offers a great fit through the five-step snap fitting system that self-adjusts while you’re cycling, reducing gaps and promoting comfort during your ride.

As mentioned, extensive testing in HJC’s own wind tunnel has enabled the brand to maximise air intake, maximise air exhaust and minimise drag on its helmets.

Rider safety has also been promoted through the integration of a sturdy internal frame into the EPS inner shell to protect your head in the event of an impact. Similarly, bonding the EPS with the outer polycarbonate shell, through in-mould construction, promotes structural strength, with a flawless finish being a welcome by-product.

Finally, the freshness of HJC’s helmets is enhanced by X-static fabric lining. The fabric is antimicrobial, thanks to the integration of Polygiene Silver Salt particles, so kills bacteria before it can impact your health or hygiene.

The padded inside and MIPS of a red HJC helmet

hjc and Saddleback

HJC joined Saddleback in September 2019. The HJC team’s passion was infectious and we were excited by the expertise this helmet specialist could bring to the cycling world. With the perfect blend of aero speed, innovative cooling, safety knowledge and, of course, style, HJC is an ideal brand partner for Saddleback.

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