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In 2012, Stages Cycling burst onto the scene with a left sided only power meter that was accurate, light, easier to retrofit and more reliable than anything else on the market.

Since then, Stages Cycling has striven to make training with power accessible to cyclists of all abilities, not to mention highly effective. Its power meter range now includes right side and dual sided powers meters and is credited with helping to win eight Grand Tours, 18 World Championships and several Olympic medals.

The brand has broadened its offering to include a smart bike and the renowned Dash GPS Bike Computer, plus the accessories and monitors required to make best use of these training aids.

Each of the cutting-edge products released by the Boulder, Colorado-based brand plays a part in helping Stages Cycling’s customers to achieve their goals and boost their fitness through personalised training programmes. Engineering expertise, combined with a true passion for cycling within the team, is what makes the brand’s products the best of their kind.



Stages Cycling’s power meters combine ease of use with power meter technology accurate to +/- 1.5%, active temperature compensation, power antennas and Bluetooth technology, with a single 2032 battery giving 175+ hours of operation.The Gen 3 Stages Power L is light and replaces your non-driveside crank arm. Meanwhile, the Stages Power R replaces your driveside crank and, like Stages Power LR, is available in Shimano Ultegra and Dura-Ace setups with a choice of chainrings. The latter will help you to compare the performance of both legs. Alternatively, a Stages Power Factory Install will see your own crank arm converted into a Stages Gen 3 power meter.

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The 200 series Dash connects to your sensors via ANT+ or Bluetooth and automatically populates your data pages, which are customisable via the Stages Cycling App or the intuitive interface. The app lets you connect to third party training apps, such as Trainer Road, or navigation apps, like Strava. Free OpenSteetMaps can be downloaded and used alongside connected apps to navigate, while advanced analytics can be accessed via Stages Link. Meanwhile, syncing an eBike or a Smart Trainer will standardise your training across the board.

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The SB20 features a Stages G3 Dual Sided LR Power Meter, a 23kg freewheeling flywheel with 2,200 watts’ resistance, a sturdy, adjustable frame and a maintenance-free Gates Carbon belt drive. It connects to popular training apps and will link your real-world and living room efforts through Stages Power technology. Link indoor and outdoor power scores to track your training progress with a Dash, otherwise compare power scores and adjust the resistance accordingly. You can also swap out the saddle and bar to match your outdoor bike.

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Stages Cycling is all about using innovative technology to promote cycling excellence. Started by Jim and Scott Liggett, with the aim of making riding with power accessible to every cyclist, its roots are in power meter production, for which it is the global leader.

The company carved a niche in this area with a series of industry firsts, including being the first include Active Temperature Compensation, accelerometers and ANT+/Bluetooth comms with their power meters, and being the first to simplify power measurement by building a power meter into the left crank.

However, the brand has more to offer than just outstanding power measurement. When you use their power meters in conjunction with the Stages Dash GPS bike computer, the advanced data processing of Stages Link, the cloud-powered Stages Cycling App and the connected SB20, you have an end-to-end training solution incorporating all the tools you need to reach your goals.

Why train with Stages?

Training with power is the best way to unlock your true potential as a rider. It gives you the chance to tailor your training plan and effectively monitor your power output during races, helping you to reach your full capabilities.

Stages Cycling understands the true value of power, which is why each one of the brand’s power meters is made by their own skilled team, at their Colorado HQ, ensuring that you’ll get a top-quality product every time. Even their Power Factory Installs are handled in-house and covered by the very same Factory Warranty as the rest of Stages Cycling’s products.

The company is not only the global leader in power meters, but in indoor bikes too. Its gym bikes are sold in 55 countries and 7,000 bike shops for a reason, and all 20 years of its experience in this area has been leveraged to make the Stages SB20 Smart Bike Indoor Trainer something special.

As for the Stages Dash, it has long been credited by serious cyclists with offering outstanding analysis of workout metrics. Now the automatic profiles out of the box and live navigation capabilities ensure those rich analytic capabilities are paired with the functionality your everyday cyclist needs.

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Stages and Saddleback

Stages Cycling and Saddleback have been partners since September 2013, when the brand’s power technology first entered the international market. Since then, we have expanded our partnership to embrace the full spectrum of the brand’s products and most recently offer the Stages Factory Install service, previously only available in the US, to UK customers.

Doug Crawford, Senior Vice President at Stages Cycling, explains, “We expanded our international distribution very carefully to ensure complete customer satisfaction, and Saddleback meets all of those expectations. It’s a critical member of the Stages team.”