Stages Road Power Meters

Stages' road power meters offer roadies and triathletes a lightweight, easy to use power meter solution packed with features. Stages units offer accuracy, reliability, active temperature compensation and wide compatibility across Shimano, Campagnolo, Cannondale, FSA and BB30 cranksets.

Stages Power LR meters offer the ultimate solution for training with power, measuring data from both legs for maximum data analysis.

Stages Power L and Stages Power R meters offer accurate power measurement and can be combined to give power measurement for both legs, giving you an easy upgrade path in the future. If you've got especially tight clearances on your frame, Stages Power R offers the slimmest possible footprint to allow for this.

Why Power? Power is a measurement of the work you do on the bike and the most accurate way to measure your effort. Unlike your heart rate, which can be widely affected by physiological influences, including stress, lack of sleep, caffeine, temperature, time of day or dehydration, power shows exactly how much work you are doing and exactly what you are getting out of your training.

Simply put, if you want to know how you’re doing and improve your performance, a power meter is the best tool in your cycling arsenal.

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Stages Power L – Shimano 105 R7000