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PUSH Industries suspension

Focusing on pure mountain bike suspension performance, PUSH Industries is on a mission to make no-compromise, pro-level suspension available to a wider audience of trail and enduro riders.

Since 2003, PUSH’s goal has been to offer you the ultimate suspension performance upgrade by creating the best coil engineering solutions, regardless of cost. Building the complete package to coil upgrade both ends of your bike, PUSH is in a league of its own when it comes to improving your ride experience. Every product is meticulously designed with extensive on-bike and lab testing before being manufactured to almost impossibly tight tolerances and hand built at the brand’s Loveland, Colorado, HQ.


ElevenSix Rear Shock

By exclusively using the very best materials available and obsessively refining its designs, PUSH ensures that every improvement identified in development will be made in the finished product. What this means for you is that each ElevenSix rear shock will not only give you an unrivalled rear suspension experience but continue to perform for much longer than your existing stock air shock.

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Studio shot of a PUSH ElevenSix Rear Shock from the side against a deep grey background
Studio shot of components of a PUSH ACS3 Fork Upgrade against a deep grey background

ACS3 Fork Upgrade Kit

If you’re looking to convert your air-sprung fork to coil-sprung whilst retaining all the advantages of both, the ACS3 is a must-have – greater sensitivity to small bumps, maximal traction and reduction of trail chatter meets superior bottoming control.

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HC97 Compression System Kit

The HC97 gives you the same compression technology used in the ElevenSix Rear Shock, but in your fork. In contrast to rough and ready stock dampers, the HC97 enables fine-grade adjustment in compression ­­– in exactly the range where it is needed – resulting in incredible adjustment resolution and your ride heaven.

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PUSH Industries' founder, Darren Murphy, is a self confessed cycling and suspension geek. Having been exposed to the advanced materials and performance parts available to professional motorsport drivers during his career in racing shock absorber and suspension development, Darren set up PUSH to provide fellow mountain bike enthusiasts with a way to access the same level of performance products enjoyed by the pros.

PUSH got its first taste of the pro racing scene working with four-cross World Champion and US DH national champ Eric Carter, along with riders from the Turner Honda Racing Team. By 2006, the brand was supplying Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Steve Peat and Nathan Rennie with custom-tuned forks and shocks – turning already good products into great ones to meet the individual riders' needs and expectations.

By 2013, having developed a team of extremely skilled suspension technicians as well as invested in industry-leading DMG Mori CNC machines, PUSH began designing its own shock absorber. The ElevenSix was launched two years later, after extensive product testing and development.

R&D Ethos

PUSH takes its design process extremely seriously, only releasing a product when the team is absolutely confident that it's going to immeasurably improve the ride experience beyond all expectations. 

"Every bike we develop an upgrade for goes through an intensive cycle of discovery," says Darren Murphy. "That means that every bike we offer an ElevenSix for, we own. We’ve ridden it from the manufacturer in stock trim, we’ve adjusted, we’ve tweaked, we’ve evaluated. If we don't think we can improve the suspension performance, (an upgrade) doesn't get built. 

"Discovery is not only by the seat of our pants, but by using state-of-the-art on-board data logging computer systems and diagnostics. We’re talking the type of data that is being recorded at 1,000 samples per second. Combine that with our in-house custom-built suspension dynamometers – capable of over 300mm of travel, up to 6m per second, a frequency in excess of 150hz and the ability to simulate actual trail data – and you’ll quickly see how seriously we take performance.
"This all leads to what we call 'the intimate working knowledge' of each and every product we build. It’s certainly not the fastest way to develop products and bike fitments, but it’s what makes us who we are."

PUSH and Saddleback

PUSH Industries partnered with Saddleback in February 2019, joining our line-up of elite mountain biking brands that includes Troy Lee Designs, ENVE and Chris King. 

"We build an incredibly high-performance product, but ultimately we’re obsessed with our customers' experience of that product and our brand," says PUSH founder Darren Murphy. "Within 15 minutes of arriving at Saddleback, I could see the attention to detail, the passion, the precision: the obsession with excellence! I immediately knew our DNA was a match."