PUSH ElevenSix Shock

PUSH ElevenSix Rear Shock

The PUSH ElevenSix Rear Shock brings together innovative engineering and bespoke tuning to offer you the ultimate trail riding experience. Each coil shock is meticulously crafted to provide maximal improvement to your bike’s performance out on the trails.

 Tailored to your specific needs and backed by PUSH’s commitment to providing the very best suspension upgrades available on the market, the ElevenSix is handcrafted and perfectly tuned by a dedicated team of engineers, machinists and riders in Colorado, USA. The result is a product that not only unlocks new trail riding potential but continues to perform year after year.

Bespoke tuning

Each ElevenSix shock that leaves PUSH’s Colorado headquarters has been created and crafted in house with the meticulous care normally afforded only to professional racers and riders. Drawing on an infallible understanding of the demands placed on world-class riders, PUSH offers shocks matched perfectly to your own bike, weight and riding style.

PUSH is driven exclusively by its commitment to performance. Each shock is testament to the need for its existence: if a bike couldn’t be fully optimised and upgraded to give the very best ride experience possible, an ElevenSix simply wouldn’t have been made for it.

As the founder of PUSH, Darren Murphy, is keen to point out: “Every bike we offer an ElevenSix for, we own. We’ve ridden it from the manufacturer in stock trim, we’ve adjusted, we’ve tweaked, we’ve evaluated. Not only by the seat of our pants, but by using state-of-the-art on-board data logging computer systems and diagnostics.”

Using a custom-built suspension dynamometer in conjunction with a computer system capturing data at a rate of 1,000 samples a second, PUSH is able to simulate, replay and refine actual trail data until the perfect tune is slowly ascertained. This obsessive attention to detail means that you’re getting a shock tuned exactly to your bike’s specification.

The US-made HyperCo steel spring coils utilised in the ElevenSix enable fine, incremental adjustments to be made so that your shock is exactly matched to your own weight and riding style.

All of the component parts that make up the ElevenSix are refined to tolerances so tight that specialised computer analysis is needed to measure the extent of their accuracy. For you, this level of care, precision and personalisation means that each shock will perform flawlessly, giving you maximal grip out on the trails and the confidence to tackle the toughest lines without compromise.

Innovative design

The ElevenSix utilises a patent-pending ‘Dual Overhead Valve’ design, which gives you full control over your shock as you move between different riding conditions. Two separate high and low compression circuits – easily toggled between on-the-go – are equipped with the finest adjustments to give you the best results on climbs, descents, tough trails or flowing single track. With what are essentially two independently variable shocks within one unit, you can be confident that you’ll always be performing at your best in a dynamic riding environment.

The pioneering design employed in the ElevenSix extends to all aspects of the construction. Incremental rebound adjustments are controlled by a parabolic shaped needle which – in contrast to more commonly used cone-shaped needles – make for the smoothest and most consistent transition between clicks. A polymer ring separating the coil from the preload ring ensures that creaks and squeaks are a thing of the past. A piggyback positioned perpendicular to the shock body ensures that the ElevenSix never rubs, even on the toughest terrain. Whilst such careful design features mean that the ElevenSix can’t be manufactured at speed, out on the trails it is unrivalled in performance.

A lasting Investment

The ElevenSix can be installed to your bike within minutes but is built to last. In line with PUSH’s guiding ethos, the ElevenSix is the result of a singular drive for quality and performance irrespective of cost: marginal gains always trump cheaper construction. By exclusively using the very best materials available, PUSH ensures that every improvement identified in development will be made in the finished product. The ElevenSix marries maximum durability and lightweight construction to give you the perfect ride.

With the option to reconfigure the shock on to your future bikes, the possibilities to enjoy trail heaven year after year are endless.

Key features

• Bespoke set up for each bike, rider weight and style
• Handcrafted in Colorado, USA
• ‘Dual Overhead Valve’ design with two independent, fully adjustable high and low compression circuits
• Parabolic needle design for fully adjustable rebound
• HyperCo steel spring
• Extensive rider & lab testing
• One-year limited warrantee for all PUSH products