Servizio Corse

custom kit by castelli

Welcome to the home of Castelli world-class custom cycling kit.

Castelli is dedicated to making the fastest cycling clothing in the world and the brand's Servizio Corse apparel is made using the same fabrics, components and cut you'll see on the shoulders of the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl riders.

That means you could be wearing these racing-developed, Tour-winning pieces in your own team or club colours.

If you're serious about your cycling, and serious about comfort and performance, the choice is simple.

How Does it Work?

Castelli offers a wide range of garments for customisation through Servizio Corse – each worn by pros, so you know you're getting an unfair advantage. Find out more about how the process works below.

Servizio Corse Ranges

Servizio Corse allows you to choose from a selection of Castelli ranges, covering you for everything from road racing gear to tri suits, protective items and accessories to finish off your pro-team look.


Manufactured by the highly-skilled professionals who make kit for the pro peloton, our Pro Issue kit option uses the same innovations and fit that the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl riders enjoy.


Even the pros dip into this collection for some pieces. The Team Issue collection offers a more relaxed fit, ideal for the club rider. The garments use the same fabrics and tech as Pro Issue, just with a little more room to manoeuvre.

Free Triathlon

In the Free Triathlon range, 'free' refers to freedom of movement and free passage through the water and air. These are the pieces worn by all Castelli's sponsored triathletes, including multiple Ironman World Champions.

Core Triathlon

Our Core tri collection takes our Free range concepts and applies them to less expensive fabrics, giving high performance, style and excellent value for triathlon clubs and teams.

Protection KIT

What could be more pro than your club rocking up in matching Gabbas? We offer a selection of foul weather and protection apparel for customisation.


Complete the pro-team look with matching socks, hats and warmers to make your club or team stand out from the crowd.

Let's Get Designing!

While we offer a full design service, it's great to have a starting point! Download our custom templates below to start experimenting with colours and designs.


Servizio Corse customers can benefit from extra size options for men's and women's jerseys, compared with the regular Castelli range. Please see below for these special sizes. For other garments, please refer to our main Castelli Size Guide.

Servizio Corse Men's Sizing

  A - Chest B - Waist C - Hips D - Inseam
XXS 84cm 72cm 86cm 80cm
XS 88cm 76cm 90cm 81cm
S 92cm 80cm 94cm 82cm
M 96cm 84cm 98cm 83cm
L 100cm 88cm 102cm 84cm
XL 105cm 93cm 107cm 85cm
2XL 110cm 98cm 112cm 86cm
3XL 115cm 104cm 116cm 87cm
4XL 120cm 110cm 120cm 88cm
5XL 125cm 116cm 124cm 89cm

Men's and unisex Castelli sizing is based on your physical measurements and the garment's intended use. Race items are designed to use fabric stretch to achieve a very snug fit; as such, physical garment sizes vary within the range. Please don't compare sizing with other manufacturers. The sizes shown above are for the maximum size, so someone with a 99cm chest would be a size L. If you have a 101cm chest then you're an XL.

Servizio Corse Women's Sizing

  A - Bust B - Waist C - Hips D - Inseam
XXS 74cm 58cm 82cm 74cm
XS 79cm 63cm 87cm 75cm
S 84cm 68cm 92cm 76cm
M 89cm 73cm 97cm 77cm
L 94cm 78cm 102cm 78cm
XL 99cm 83cm 107cm 79cm
2XL 104cm 88cm 112cm 89cm

Women's Castelli sizing is based on your physical measurements and each garment's intended use. 

Race items are designed to use fabric stretch to achieve a very snug fit; as such, physical garment sizes may vary within the range. Please do not compare sizing with other manufacturers. 

Please note that sizes shown above represent the maximum size for the garment, so someone with a 88cm bust would be a size M or if you have a 91cm bust you are a size L. You do not need to size up for jackets or vests.


The Servizio Corse custom Castelli clothing programme is bound by the following terms and conditions.

All sales, returns and enquiries are also bound by our general terms and conditions, so please familiarise yourself with both.