ENVE SES Rear Disc Wheel - Rim Brake

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The ENVE SES Rear Disc wheel is the outright fastest rear wheel available. It is the culmination of nearly five years of development. During this process, ENVE considered not only aerodynamics but also rolling resistance, braking, and ride quality. The SES Disc will be available as a tubeless compatible clincher in both rim and disc brake models. .. Read more

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The ENVE SES Rear Disc wheel is the outright fastest rear wheel available. It is the culmination of nearly five years of development. During this process, ENVE considered not only aerodynamics but also rolling resistance, braking, and ride quality. The SES Disc will be available as a tubeless compatible clincher in both rim and disc brake models. 

The SES Disc wheel is for elite and professional time trialists and triathletes who are looking for maximum efficiency for race courses where average speeds will exceed 27mph. 

Beyond 27mph, at the high speeds experienced by professionals and the best amateur athletes, a rear disc wheel is the most aerodynamic solution. Every aspect of efficiency must be considered at these speeds, and as such ENVE spared no expense in development.

Some will ask why it has taken so long for ENVE to develop a rear disc. Simply, they only wanted to make a disc wheel that delivers a significant step forward in performance and ride quality over the flagship SES 7.8. ENVE simply took their time to get it right.

To achieve the bar-raising performance of the SES Disc, ENVE developed every aspect: aerodynamics, tubeless compatibility, construction, and braking. Like all SES products, the SES Disc was developed using state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis by ENVE's long-term partner and consultant aerodynamicist, Simon Smart of Smart Aero Technology. Prototypes were assessed in the Mercedes-AMG Formula One wind tunnel and the subtle shape iterated to deliver class-leading aerodynamics at high race speeds.

Delivered with disc wheel pump adaptor and adhesive valve hole covers.


Power savings compared to deep section wheel at all yaw angles. 


Wheelsets supplied with
  • Tubeless Kit (Clincher only)
  • Brake pads 1x Pair (SRAM/Shimano or Campy as per freehub choice)
  • Warranty/Information Book




Technical Specification 


Weight 1225g
Internal Rim Width 18.5mm
External Rim Width 27.5mm
Aero Optimized Tire Size 25mm
Tubeless Compatible? Yes

Key Features and Technologies



Spread Tow Sidewall Construction

 The SES Disc’s sidewalls are constructed using spread tow carbon fibre technology. Spread Tow carbon fibre fabrics deliver a more even fibre distribution and filament straightness making it possible to achieve a thinner carbon fibre laminate that maximizes weight savings without compromising strength and durability. The SES Disc uses spread tow fibres moulded and subsequently bonded to a machined PMI foam core, ensuring best in class durability, weight savings, and stiffness.



PMI Sidewall Core

 The SES Disc features a machined PMI (polymethacrylimide) foam core sandwiched between layers of spread tow fibres. PMI is an advanced closed cell foam that delivers all the benefits of more traditional honeycomb type cores, but features superior impact resistance and more importantly delivers best in class sheer strength amongst other core material candidates. The SES Disc’s

incredibly lightweight, stiffness, and durability are made possible by use of PMI.



One Piece Moulded Construction

 The SES Disc is moulded in one-piece. By moulding the wheel in one-piece ENVE are able to eliminate potential delamination or failure at a bonded joint. The one-piece moulded design also saves weight by eliminating the need to glue the wheel together or over-wrap bond joints in a secondary co-moulding process. The ENVE SES Disc’s one-piece moulded construction allows for a wheel that while lightweight, is also strong. Carbon fibre is maximized by running long uninterrupted carbon fibres throughout the wheel. By adjusting the fibre angles of the disc wheel’s laminate, ENVE is able to tune the ride quality of the wheel to achieve the desired balance of stiffness and comfort.



Moulded Valve Window

 The finishing touch is a generous valve window that is moulded, not cut, making this disc as easy to live with as it is rewarding to ride. Ample room for the pump attachment that’s provided with every disc purchase.



Textured Full Carbon Brake Track

 With near equal wet and dry performance, 30% less lever force required for the same stopping power and exceptional heat management, it’s no wonder that said ENVE's latest brake track “sets new standards for carbon wheels”. Your rim brake bike will be given a huge braking performance boost.

There are three elements, all the product of relentless research and development. First is the moulded-in brake surface texture which provides more friction and allows water to be cleared almost instantly.

Second is the advanced high-temp resin system which eliminates the heat build-up issues that other carbon clinchers can suffer, so you can ride long descents with total confidence.

The third is the unique ENVE Black pad compound which is designed to work with the moulded texture to provide incredible all-weather stopping power along with good durability.


  • The best carbon braking, period. Near equal wet and dry performance
  • 30% less lever force required for the same stopping power
  • Advanced high-temp resin system eliminates heat build-up issues during heavy braking on long descents
  • Specific ENVE Black Carbon Brake Pads included



Road Tubeless Compatible

 Greater speed, comfort, grip and puncture resistance – what’s not to like about road tubeless? With the selection of a high-performance tire at the right pressure, you can achieve lower rolling resistance and more speed.

Tubeless also allows you to run much lower tire pressures for far greater comfort, traction, and efficiency, especially over poor road surfaces and gravel, all without sacrificing speed. The potential for pinch flats and, with sealant, debris punctures is all but eliminated.

ENVE recognized early that road tubeless technology is here to stay and drew on their years of experience making the world’s best mountain bike wheels to optimize the SES range for tubeless tyres. With rims going wider and frames giving more tire clearance, the key aspects of bike design were aligned to make tubeless the best choice: wider rims make it easier to mount tubeless tires. Disc brakes add even more benefits for tubeless, typically allowing larger tires as well as removing issues of heat at the rim. 


  • Tubeless optimized design
  • Faster rolling
  • Higher grip
  • Greater comfort
  • Outstanding puncture resistance


Known for the fastest, strongest and lightest handmade-in-the-USA carbon wheels, ENVE has had a spectacular rise to the top of the cycling world. Truly made for riders by riders, ENVE's product range of full carbon wheels, carbon stems, bars, seatposts and forks is the result of the team's desire to make the sport we love even more enjoyable. Meanwhile strong ties to the top levels of road cycling, mountain biking and triathlon mean pro feedback has helped hone ENVE's products into the ultimate performance upgrades. Read more about ENVE.


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