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ENVE SES Rear Disc Wheel - Centerlock Disc Brake


The ENVE SES Rear Disc wheel is the outright fastest rear wheel available for high-performance triathletes and time triallists racing on courses where average speeds will exceed 27mph... Read more

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The ENVE SES Rear Disc wheel is the outright fastest rear wheel available for high-performance triathletes and time triallists racing on courses where average speeds will exceed 27mph.

The culmination of nearly five years of development, the SES Rear Disc delivers a significant step forward in disc technology, aerodynamic performance and ride quality while optimising rolling resistance and braking. Tested and proven by Team Dimension Data at the Tour de France, it's the perfect partner for an SES 7.8 front wheel.

Designed by renowned aerodynamicist and long-time ENVE partner Simon Smart, the SES Rear Disc was developed through a combination of state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics analysis and high-race-speed testing at the Mercedes-AMG Petronas wind tunnel.

The unique construction of the wheel makes use of all ENVE's handmade carbon expertise. The one-piece moulded design – including a smooth moulded valve window – is free from bonding except around the hub shell reducing glue and material. This is achieved thanks to the strong machined PMI (polymethacrylimide) foam core sandwiched between TeXtreme spread tow fibres. This material is stronger than traditional carbon so fewer layers can be used, resulting in class-leading low weight of 1225g and amazing strength and stiffness without losing comfort.

The SES Rear Disc also integrates the latest tubeless technology. In optimising the rim for 25mm tubeless tyres, ENVE created a laminate design and tooling offset that means the rim actually moves perfectly into dish when the tyre is inflated. The use of tubeless technology also means real-world benefits including greater speed, comfort, grip and puncture resistance.

The wheel features a proprietary alloy hub with Centerlock disc compatibility. The driveside shell is made from machined aluminium, allowing precision integration of the hub driver body, which utilises a 40-tooth ratchet-style drive mechanism for near instant engagement.

The SES Rear Disc has been created for elite and professional athletes who will average over 27mph (43.5kmh) during their race. At speeds lower than this, the SES 7.8 Wheelset remains the fastest option.

As with all ENVE's wheels, the SES Rear Disc is handmade at ENVE's headquarters in Utah, USA and features a gorgeous paint-free finish to reduce weight and allow the beautiful handmade quality to shine through.

The bespoke construction process utilises rim-specific carbon laminates, moulded spoke holes, removable bladders, and a gorgeous paint-free finish to reduce weight while maintaining strength, stiffness and allowing the beautiful handmade quality to shine through.

Key features:
  • The ultimate triathlon and TT rear wheel for the fastest athletes
  • Designed by aerodynamicist Simon Smart
  • Tested in the Mercedes-AMG Petronas wind tunnel
  • Tested by Team Dimension Data
  • Unique one-piece moulded construction
  • Disc-brake specific version
  • Smooth moulded valve window
  • Proprietary alloy hub
  • Optimised for 25mm tyres
  • Handmade at ENVE headquarters in Utah, USA
  • Full carbon moulded brake track
  • TeXtreme spread tow carbon construction and natural finish
  • Natural uni-directional carbon paint-free finish
  • 5-year warranty
Wheel supplied with:
  • Disc wheel pump adaptor
  • Adhesive valve hole covers
  • Tubeless setup kit
  • 130mm skewer
  • Warranty/information book

This is a disc-brake specific wheel and cannot be used with rim brakes.

Rim Specification
Weight 1225g
Internal Width 18.5mm
External Width 27.5mm
Aero Optimised Tyre Size 25mm
Tubeless Compatible Yes



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