The All New Stages Dash: Redesigned And Reimagined

7 april 2022

By Rob Borek

Dash 200

The product of five years of research and development following the release of the original Dash,  Stages are proud to introduce two all new GPS cycle computers; The Dash M200 and L200.

The new units feature full-colour screens, Cycling specific maps, and an assortment of training features. Automatic profiles make the Dash easy to switch between bikes, and the Stages Cycling App makes it the most customisable computer on the market, allowing for between 10-12 data fields on each screen on the M200 and 14-16 on the L200.

Dash 200

Quick, Easy, Intuitive.

WiFi Compatibility allows riders to use the brand new Stages App, which combines and replaces three previous apps: Stages Flight, Stages Power, and Stages Link.  Using the new app you are able to:

Create profiles and data pages
· Add, delete, and customise data pages, change profile specific settings, and manage all profiles

Manage Courses
· Courses from connected third parties(RidewithGPS, Strava, Komoot, etc)are listed in the course section, and can be wirelessly sent to the Dash.

Manage Workouts
· Workouts from connected apps are displayed and can be filtered or searched, are wirelessly sent to your Dash for riding.

Manage Rides
· Activities completed and saved on Dash are displayed in a list in the Rides tab of the Dash manager.

· Tap on any activity to view a summary and see the sync status of each activity to third party apps.

Manage Maps
· Maps on the Dash are listed, and users can browse for any map region and request a link to a file download to add to the Dash via USB.

Dash 200

The Redesigned, reimagined Stages Dash is built for performance, with IP57 waterproofing, and a battery life of 10h at maximum operation when displaying maps, with a sensor connected, and backlight at 100%,  and up to 18h with reduced power mode enabled. 

Data is displayed clearly through live data graphing. Showing live graphs on screen of power, heart rate, cadence, speed, or elevation, allows you to quickly and easily view the data you need, and keep your focus on the road ahead.

Dash 200

Got a question about the new Dash M200 and L200 models? our experienced technical support team are on hand and ready to help. You can reach them at

Product image for skus ST9710137
Product images for skus ST9710137
Product images for skus ST9710137
Product image for skus ST9710137
Product images for skus ST9710137
Product images for skus ST9710137

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