Behind the Scenes with Brendan Fairclough

By Stan Portus –  6 February 2020

Brendan Fairclough drops a video of him tearing it up in Madeira and showing what it takes to make such a project happen. 

Brendan Fairclough has dropped the first video in a new series on his YouTube channel of him riding some of the gnarliest trails in Madeira. But as well as some amazing riding, the video also delves into what it takes to create such a project, including the highs and lows and all the friends that come along for the ride.

The four-part series will see Fairclough travelling to Chatel, France, followed by South Africa, and the last will be back in the UK.

Riding for Troy Lee Designs, Chris King, and ENVE, Brendog has some of the best equipment going for mountain bike riding. Check out the video below.  

Photos: Antonio Abreu

Film: Aspect Media