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Castelli Unveils New Team INEOS Kit

By Saddleback Ltd – 1 May 2019

Castelli has revealed its striking new burgundy Team INEOS race kit design as the former Team Sky squad transitions to its new sponsor.

There’s a natural familiarity to the layout of the design, which retains the team’s iconic line on the back, a staple on the squad’s kit since its inception in 2010, and rider names on the side. Despite these similarities, replacing the deep blue of the old kit with rich, red-wine hues completely transforms the team’s identity – fierier and fiercer than the previous incarnation as well as providing a classy look that’s missing from most WorldTour kits.

The Italian brand’s ongoing partnership with the British team is truly a collaboration – the world’s best riders providing constant feedback that shapes future kit development.

“Our partnership with the team continues to go from strength-to-strength,” says Castelli brand manager, Steve Smith. “The staff and riders provide us with valuable feedback which we use to continuously improve our products. This is vital for Castelli because most of the Team INEOS products end up in our Castelli collection, so we’re happy to incorporate the team’s expertise to make cycling faster and more enjoyable for cyclists everywhere. We’re proud of our partnership and looking forward to more success together.” 

This symbiotic relationship has already been rewarded with two Tour de France victories as well as Giro and Vuelta titles. It’s also directly contributed to five brand new items and 14 significant updates in the Castelli range available to all performance-focused riders.

So as Castelli and riders continue to work closely together under the banner of Team INEOS, we’re excited to see what new apparel technologies emerge to improve performance and comfort to help us all gain an advantage while riding. 


Team INEOS kit is now available from Saddleback and is available in all these styles and fits.

Castelli-Castelli Team Ineos Squadra Jersey - 2019-Dark Red-L-CS40390756224-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Team Ineos Squadra Jersey - 2019

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Castelli-Castelli Team Ineos Climbers 3.0 Jersey-Dark Red-S-CS40390026222-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Team Ineos Climbers 3.0 Jersey

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Castelli-Castelli Team Ineos Women's Fan Jersey-Dark Red-XS-CS40391236221-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Team Ineos Women's Fan Jersey

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Castelli-Castelli Team Ineos Free Aero Race 4 Bib Shorts-Black-S-CS40390060102-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Team Ineos Free Aero Race 4 Bib Shorts

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Castelli-Castelli Team Ineos Volo Bib Shorts-Black-S-CS40390080102-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Team Ineos Volo Bib Shorts

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Castelli-Castelli Team Ineos Women's Fan Shorts-Black-S-CS40391390102-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Team Ineos Women's Fan Shorts

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Castelli-Castelli Team Ineos Cycling Cap-Black-UNI-CS40390350108-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Team Ineos Cycling Cap

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Castelli-Castelli Team Ineos Free 12 Socks-White-S/M-CS403814600109-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Team Ineos Free 12 Socks

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Castelli-Castelli Team Ineos Track Mitts-Black-XL-CS40391480105-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Team Ineos Track Mitts

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