Castelli Winter Essentials: Men's

By Stan Portus – 2 December 2020

From merino skullies to GORE-TEX jackets, Castelli offers the very best protection for riders who never say no to training or have their eyes set epics. And however you ride, Castelli will help you stay off the turbo and on the open road.

The cold, the wet, the dark. The warmth of inside, and the call of lazier pursuits. Winter riding is rarely appealing.

But winter can also be one of the most rewarding times of year to ride – and the most stunning too. Surviving the cold to tick off epics, breaking though the dreary weather into crisp winter light, or just knowing that come Spring you’ll be feeling as good as you did at the start of the colder months.

The Castelli Winter Essentials Collection will keep you off the turbo trainer and on the open road in the months ahead, helping you fend off the elements and giving you another reason to ride.

Take a look at some of the collection highlights here.  

Spettacolo RoS Gloves

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Castelli Spettacolo RoS Gloves

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Cold fingers quickly unsettle the best of riders. The Spettacolo glove will excel in dry and wet conditions, providing plenty of protection from sudden or unexpected showers and plenty of warmth thanks to its Primaloft® Gold insulation. 

Close up of the Spettacolo RoS Gloves on someone's hands as they zip the gloves up

Sanremo RoS Thermosuit

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Castelli Sanremo RoS Thermosuit

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For the Sanremo RoS Thermosuit Castelli has combined two of its most effective pieces of winter kit: the Perfetto RoS Long Sleeve and the Sorpasso RoS Bibtights.

The reasons for this are simple. By combining the two items into one piece, Castelli has eliminated layers around the waist and bibs improving comfort and fit, and the lack of opening at the waist keeps you warm as it prevents cold air from entering.

Just like the Perfetto RoS, the top of the Sanremo Thermosuit is made from a combination of GORE-TEX fabrics. The front provides total protection from the wind and light rain, while the back is stretchy for a comfortable fit and highly breathable.

The bottom of the Sanremo is made from Nano Flex 3G fabric in the legs for softness, elasticity and warmth, while water resistant panels on the thighs and high front provide protection where you need it most. It is completed with Castelli’s pro-level Progetto X2 seat pad, YKK® Camlock® zippers on the ankle, and reflective panels.

The all-black design speaks of the suit’s completeness but also its core objective: let nothing get in the way of the riding.

Bandito Skully

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Castelli Bandito Skully

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The Bandito Skully combines the natural wicking properties and warmth of merino with the strength of polyester. The skull cap has a luxurious feel while delivering the superb performance you can expect from all Castelli products. A jersey liner is soft next to the skin and reduced seaming stops any discomfort underneath the helmet.

Sorpasso RoS Wind Bibtights

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Castelli Sorpasso RoS Wind Bib Tights

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The Sorpasso RoS Wind Bibtights are the go-to for any rider who doesn’t let even the worst winter weather keep them indoors.

The Wind version of the ever-popular Sorpasso bibtights add a layer of GORE-TEX® fleece backed panels to the upper front of the tights and the thighs to keep muscles warm. The non-windproof sections of the tight are made from Castelli’s Nano Flex 3G and Nano Flex Xtra Dry fabric to provide mild compression, softness, stretch, and the third generation of Castelli’s proprietary water-repellent finish. 

Bandito 18 Socks

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Castelli Bandito Wool 18 Socks

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The Bandito 18 Socks use a merino blend for warmth, high wicking, and a simply luxurious feel. The sock uses the same construction as Castelli’s summer socks but with enough insulation for cool conditions. The 18cm provides ample coverage for when wearing under tights or with shorts and knee warmers.

RoS 2 Overshoe

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Castelli RoS 2 Shoe Covers

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The RoS 2 Overshoe is the ultimate protection for your feet. Like all Castelli products that carry the RoS label, the overshoes perform equally well in the dry and wet.

The front of the overshoe is made from Polartec® Power Stretch®. This fleece lined fabric provides extra warmth where your foot is most exposed to wind chill and is water repellent and highly breathable wicking away any internal moisture build-up, so your feet won’t feel clammy or uncomfortable. 

Castelli RoS 2 Overshoe

Core Seamless Baselayer

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Castelli Core Seamless Long Sleeve Base Layer

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The closest garment to your skin, a base layer does a lot of work to keep you dry, comfortable and warm. Ideal for cool conditions and suitable down to 4˚C, the Core Seamless Baselayer has a totally seamless design so there is no niggling discomfort under bib straps and jackets. 

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