Introducing the ENVE SES Road Tyre

By Stan Portus –  6 August 2020

Always seeking an advantage, ENVE has dedicated its aerodynamic and all-round performance expertise to the creation of a new road tyre. Designed to ENVE’s “real-word fast” philosophy, the ENVE SES Road Tyre brings a better ride experience to road racers and rider alike.

“With the release of our SES Road Tires, our SES wheel customers can now achieve additive aerodynamic gains and real-world performance by simply upgrading their tires.”

– Jake Patone, ENVE’s Vice President of Products 

ENVE has been at the forefront of carbon wheel manufacture for over ten years, repeatedly delivering the best possible performance and carbon craftsmanship from its top of the line road and mountain bike wheels to the most recent addition to its line-up, the ENVE Foundation Range.

The ENVE SES Road Tyre sees the Ogden, Utah based wheel manufacturer bring another performance enhancing product into its roster.

Tyre choice has a huge impact on the speed equation and as rim shape has become more and more refined over the years ENVE turned towards tyre design to create a true upgrade when it comes to aerodynamics and rolling efficiency.

While aerodynamics is the top priority, the SES Road Tyre also adheres to ENVE’s “real-world fast” philosophy.

Performance doesn’t end with aerodynamic efficiency, instead it encompasses many things. For tyres this means hard-wearing reliability, low rolling-resistance, puncture resistance, and lightweight designs. The SES Tyre provides a unique balance of all these principles that results in a better ride experience for ENVE and non-ENVE wheel customers alike.  

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ENVE SES Road Tyre

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Close up shot of rider's leg on bike with the ENVE SES Tyre on the bike wheel

Tubeless Ready

The new ENVE road tyre is tubeless ready. As early adopters of hookless rim design, ENVE knows that optimal tubeless tyre performance is achieved when the tyre’s bead diameter and bead stiffness are tailored to the rim’s bead seat diameter.

By creating its own tyre, ENVE is able to create the best seal possible for its rim design creating superb air retention and a sure fit, ultimately inspiring confidence in use.

The tyre’s bead is constructed from Zylon™. The synthetic polymer is used for its high strength, thermal stability, and creep resistance, meaning it won’t stretch over time.  

Aerodynamic Performance

The tyre is designed to bring an aero gain to ENVE SES wheels, but it also achieves a meaningful improvement in drag reduction when fitted onto any aero wheelset.

The shape of the tyre when inflated strikes the perfect balance between elliptical and round tyre profile. It provides an aerodynamic advantage over round tyre profiles, while also providing better handling and rolling resistance than elliptical shaped tyres.

One area that is often overlooked when it comes to reducing drag is the interface between tyre and rim.

The SES Tyre has a Breakaway Tread design so no advantage is lost at this meeting point. The tread design the tread acts as a trip edge, energising the airflow so it remains attached as it flows from the tyre to the rim surface on the front wheel. On the rear wheel the tread helps close the wake as the airflow transitions off the tyre.

These features comes together to create a notable advantage. When used on ENVE wheels, the 25c ENVE SES Road Tyre improves aerodynamic efficiencies over leading competition at all speeds. The 29c version is on par with leading tires at 32kmph, but its aero advantage becomes more apparent at 48kmph. On non-ENVE wheels the tyres still achieve an aero advantage over the industry benchmark, being up to 2 watts more efficient at 48kmph.

Two cyclists riding in parallel with one behind the other, both with ENVE SES Tyres

Real-World Fast

When it comes to tyres, the foundation of speed is built upon more than any one metric. Instead it is a combination of aerodynamics, rolling efficiency, weight, and puncture resistance. The SES Tyre strikes a fine balance between all these elements to achieve race performance that is rideable every day.

The tyre uses Vectran™ for leading protection against punctures and pinch flats, near eliminating time spent repairing punctures on the road side.

The tread uses SPC Silica, a high performance road racing compound. It provides a balanced blend of synthetic and natural rubbers with Activated Silica filler for excellent wet weather performance and low rolling resistance. When it comes to tread thickness, ENVE has struck a balance between longevity and rolling resistance.

The SES Tyre is competitively lightweight at 255g in 25c. This is significantly lighter than other leading models in this size.

The result is a tyre that has a low rolling resistance, on par with the best-in-class road tyres, without sacrificing reliability and durability.  

Size Guide

The SES Tyre is available in four different sizes from 25c – 31c. Each size is designed with different ENVE wheels in mind, and more importantly a rider’s style:

SES 25c – designed to enhance the aerodynamic performance of ENVE’s legacy wheelsets as well as current SES wheels and Foundation wheel models.

SES 27c – designed to maximise the performance of SES AR wheelsets and provide a higher volume tyre for SES and Foundation wheel owners.

SES 29c – this tyre is designed to strike the ideal balance between aerodynamics and performance comfort for the ENVE AR wheelsets. It is ENVE’s go-to favourite for confidence inspiring versatility.

SES 31c – Developed for long rides and rough roads where comfort, traction and protection are the priorities. Best paired with ENVE SES AR wheelsets or the G23 gravel wheels.  

The Details

•  Tubeless-ready tyre that can also be used with tubes

•  Built to ENVE’s “real-world fast” philosophy, offering best-in-class aerodynamics while balancing hard-wearing reliability, low rolling-resistance, puncture resistance, user-friendly tubeless, and a lightweight design

•  Zylon™ synthetic polymer bead material for its high strength, thermal stability, and low stretch

•  Vectran™ is employed in the tyre’s casing to protect against punctures and pinch flats

•  SPC Silica tread compound provides a balanced blend of synthetic and natural rubbers with Activated Silica filler for excellent wet weather performance and low rolling resistance

•  Aerodynamic tyre shape when inflated striking the perfect balance between handling, stability, rolling efficiency and aerodynamics

•  Weight: 25c – 255g / 27c – 265g / 29c – 275g / 31c – 285g