How to Install the Push ACS3 Coil Fork

By Stan Portus –  21 September 2020

The Push Suspension ACS3 Coil Conversion Kit is the perfect upgrade for your front forks. Providing superior small bump sensitivity and grip from compacted summer trails to winter mud baths. Take a look at how to give your forks a new lease of life and unlock ride heaven.


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The Push Industries ACS3 brings a truly revelatory ride experience through its combination of coil-sprung suspension and air stop technology.

Combining these two technologies brings the subtleness of a coil shock and the progressive dampening of an air spring to one shock. So, whether you’re taking on flowing trails or big hits, you can be sure your shock will perform flawlessly, and you’ll be in ride heaven.

Handcrafted in Colorado, USA, the ACS3 uses precision engineered, CNC wound coils that provides superb small bump sensitivity and maximal traction, while eating up nasty trail chatter. The coil is available in a wide variety of spring rates and tolerances. This means Push is able to match each shock to your exact riding style and weight for the ultimate trail experience.

In conjunction with the coil is Push’s patent-pending Air Bump Stop Cartridge. This allows you to fine tune the progressiveness of your fork. You can adjust the bottoming control of your fork all without interfering with the first two thirds of travel.

Due its superb ride feel Single Track World describe the ACS3 as a transformative upgrade equatable to that other mountain bike game-changer:

"Apart from the dropper post, this is the single most ride-changing bit of kit I have put on a bike – it is that good."

Such performance potential might seem like they belong to the lofty realm of the pros. In ways that is right: Push suspension began this way, offering upgrades to riders such as World Champion Eric Carter and riders form Tuner Honda Racing Team.

But now Push bring pro-level performance to everyone. And you don’t even need a mechanic. Installation takes 20-30 minutes and with the right equipment can easily be done at home.

See the video below from Push Industries founder Darren Murphy to find out how to install the ACS3 for Fox 36 Shocks.  

Studio shot of the component parts of the ACS£ Push Industries Shock Conversion kit
Close up of the Push ACS3's top cap

Product Features

• Handcrafted in Colorado, USA

• For conversion of air-sprung forks to coil-sprung

• Bespoke tune for rider style and weight

• Compatible with RockShox Pike, Lyrik, Yari and Fox 36

• Precision engineered CNC PUSH coil spring

• Unique Air Bump Stop technology

• One-year limited warranty for all PUSH products