Introducing the ENVE Air Pressure Station

By Stan Portus –  14 December 2020

The new ENVE Air Pressure Station delivers superb accuracy for inflating and seating tyres. This is something that has become more and more important over recent years with the increased popularity of tubeless setups and larger rim volumes. Find out more about ENVE’s continued dedication to providing the ultimate ride experience.

ENVE is best known for its high-performance carbon wheels and components, but the brand has slowly been branching out its range of products to take a more holistic approach to riding and to how to keep your wheels rolling at their best.

The reason for this is because in recent years a renewed emphasis has been put on the effect of tyre pressure when it comes to performance. This is due to the fact that tubeless tyre and rim volumes have increased substantially, and more road riders are trading the tarmac for other surfaces, something ENVE spotted way back in 2014 with the revolutionary ENVE SES AR 3.4 wheelset.

Recently ENVE launched the SES Road Tyre to help riders improve the performance of their ENVE wheels. But now ENVE has taken a further step in ensuring optimum rolling performance with the ENVE Air Pressure Station.  

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ENVE Air Pressure Station

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Why Make an Inflation Device?

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As tyre volumes have increased and consequently tyre pressure has decreased, slight variances in pressure begin to have a greater effect. Consequently, ENVE decided to look at the technology behind ensuring getting the perfect pressure for optimum performance. ENVE’s Jack Patone explains:

"At ENVE, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the ride experience both on and off the bike, and historically speaking, we best achieve this by refining our carbon rim designs. What we’ve come to realize is that no matter how advanced or refined the carbon wheel becomes, something as simple as running too high or too low tire pressure will negatively impact a rider’s efficiency, traction, safety, confidence, and therefore the entire ride experience. For this reason, we are treating inflation as seriously as we take rim design, and the Air Pressure Station is proof of this commitment.”

Initially, ENVE created the inflation units for use at events and at the ENVE HQ to streamline wheel demos and help riders find their optimum tyre pressure. With incredible interest form the public at events and requests to purchase the Air Pressure Station ENVE realised there was a great demand for a precise, automatic inflation device and has now decided to make it available for all riders.  

What the ENVE Air Pressure Station Delivers

The ENVE Air Pressure Station provides accurate air pressure to within 0.5% of a psi or bar, eliminating guess work with inaccurate pumps – something that all riders will appreciate when even a few psi can have a huge impact on ride feel.

The Air Pressure Station has a range of between 3psi (0.2 bar) and 145psi (10 bar) making it suitable for every rider going. 3 pressure pre-sets and a tubeless or flat tyre function make quickly inflating or seating tyres with the 15ft coiled hose easy work.

The Station can be mounted to walls, work benches, or even the interior of vans, and can be used anywhere there is a supply of compressed air and power. As such the station isn’t just for professional teams or bike shops but offer the ultimate upgrade for the home mechanic offering convenience, safety and accuracy.

A smartphone scannable NFC tag on the side of the station links users to the latest ENVE pressure charts, so you can be sure to be getting the best pressure for your wheel setup.

As well as being usable on bikes the ENVE Air Pressure Station can be used for motorbikes, cars, trailers, and much more.  

How the Air Pressure Station Works

Photograph of the ENVE Air Pressure Station chuck attached to the valve on a wheel

The ENVE Air Pressure Station automatic inflation capabilities work by measuring the back pressure from the tyre that it is connected to.

To operate the inflation unit, the user sets the unit to their desired pressure by using the plus or minus buttons on the face of the unit or selecting one of the three presets. With the pressure set, they can then attach the chuck to the valve stem and the unit will begin inflating the tyre to the exact pressure.

The unit will then beep letting the user know that the pressure has been reached and the chuck can be removed.

For flat tyres or a new tyre, the Air Pressure Station has an “override” button that delivers five metered blasts of air that have been optimised for seating tubeless tyres – so there’s no more frantic pumping to get the pressure up quick enough. Once a stable pressure is established by the unit, it will proceed to inflate to the set pressure.  

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ENVE Air Pressure Station Features

• Accurate air pressure to within .5% of psi/bar

• Smartphone scannable NFC tag to direct users to latest ENVE tire pressure charts and landing page

• Automatic, hands-free inflation

• 3 x air pressure presets

• Tyre pressure range between 3psi (.2bar) and 145psi (10bar)

• Compatible with air compressor or bottled air

• Adjustable Presta-valve air chuck with 15-foot coiled air hose

• International Protection Rating: IP66, provides complete weather protection (except submersions)

• May be hardwired and mounted to mobile service trucks, vans, and trailers 

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