Introducing the Troy Lee Designs Descent Jacket

By Stan Portus –  8 March 2021

It’s here! Troy Lee Designs has released the Descent Jacket, a brand-new wet weather mountain bike jacket. The Descent is fully waterproof and packed with features whilst being comfortable and stretchy, so you can attack rainy rides and the sloppiest of trails as if it was perfectly dry.

Mountain bikers rejoice. Troy Lee Designs has finally released a rain jacket, bringing its know-how and style to a type of outer layer that is, let’s face it, often a must in the UK.

The new Troy Lee Designs Descent Jacket is a fully waterproof rain jacket that’s packed full of features whilst being comfortable and stretchy, so you can attack rainy rides and the sloppiest of trails as if it was perfectly dry.

Whether you take to the rain like nobody’s business, or you’re looking for that top line of defence when going out is simply a must, the Descent is sure to prove a fast favourite for shrugging off storms and ripping through rain.   

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Troy Lee Designs Descent Jacket

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Photograph of a trail in the woods with a mountain biker doing a scrub jump wearing the Troy Lee Designs Descent Jacket

10K/10k Waterproof Fabric

When it comes to waterproof jackets, it’s all the about the fabric. For the Descent Jacket TLD has chosen a fabric that is waterproof and breathable, whilst being soft and stretchy.

The material has a waterproof rating of 10K/10k, meaning it can withstand 10,000mm of water per square inch on the outside and let out 10,000g of water vapour from the outside – the ideal mix for mild to high intensity workouts on the trails.

On the inside the fabric has a soft finish so even if you’re wearing the jacket over short sleeves, they’ll be no annoying abrasion when your arms are doing as much moving as your legs on descents.

The fabric’s ample stretch keeps comfort levels high even when the riding gets rowdy.  

Photograph showing a close up of the Troy Lee Designs logo on the TLD Descent Jacket

Taped and Welded Seams

The fabric does most of the work when it comes to keeping the rain out, but any weak points in the jacket’s construction could lead to water getting in. This is why Troy Lee Designs has gone for a welded and taped seam constructions to eliminate any points for potential water seepage.

The jacket closes with a YKK® Vislon Aquaguard locking zip to create a complete seal against the elements. At the top of the zip there is a soft and sturdy zipper guard.   

Over-the-Helmet Hood

Made for riding, you’ll likely be wearing the Descent Jacket whilst wearing a helmet.

TLD has designed the Descent with an over-the-helmet hood. This fits over your lid so you don’t have to sacrifice rain cover for the sake of protection. The hood has 3 points of adjustment so you can get a precise fit around your lid and keep things tidy.  

Photograph looking at the top of the hood on the TLD Descent Jacket and how it can fit over a helmet
Close up photo showing the draw cord adjuster on the back of the Troy Lee Designs Descent Jacket

Zippered Pockets

Two pockets on the front of the jacket are perfect for warming your hands. They have waterproof zippers to keep any essentials or valuables nice and dry. 

Drop Tail Hem and Elastic Cuffs

The Descent Jacket has a drop Tail hem for some welcome coverage on that’ll stop rain or any mud reaching your inner layers whilst you’re in a riding position.

It has an adjustable waist cinch too so you can create a complete seal at your waist. You can do the same at the cuffs too thanks to the elasticated design which are seamless for comfort and help complete the Descent Jacket’s minimal look.

Photograph showing the drop til hem, zipper pockets, and elasticated cuff of the TLD Descent Jacket

The Perfect Pairing?

Pair the Descent Jacket up with the waterproof Troy Lee Designs Resist Pants and you’ll be fully covered. 

Troy Lee Designs Resist Trousers

Troy Lee Designs Resist Trousers

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