Troy Lee Designs Helmets

Troy Lee Designs has been in the helmet game for over 30 years with founder Troy Lee initially applying his trademark aesthetic to motocross and BMX. In 1991, TLD’s involvement with Shoei created one of the first bespoke downhill MTB helmets and off-road cycling has been a major part of the Troy Lee Designs company ever since. 

Now over 25 years later Troy Lee Designs is at the forefront of off-road cycling helmet design and produces models for every rider from professional racers to weekend warriors, downhill demons to XC mountain marathon goats.

TLD's full face and open face helmets provide uncompromising safety for all cyclists. Use of impact absorbing materials like EPS and the revolutionary use of EPP plus the MIPS system are combined with maximum airflow, adjustability, and a comfort lining. All this means that TLD’s MTB helmets provide protection and all-day comfort no matter what the terrain you ride or type of rider you are. 

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    Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Helmet

    Tactical sandTactical sand
    Stealth black/stone grayStealth black/stone gray
    Stealth whiteStealth white
    Stealth blackStealth black
    Race silver/navyRace silver/navy
    Stealth greyStealth grey
    Stealth black/pinkStealth black/pink
    Race black/redRace black/red

    Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon MIPS Helmet

    £400.00 – £420.00
    Midnight blackMidnight black
    Jet blueJet blue
    Jet sram redJet sram red
    Midnight chromeMidnight chrome
    Jet orange/navyJet orange/navy

    Troy Lee Designs D3 Fiberlite Helmet

    £210.00 – £220.00
    Mono blackMono black
    Camo greenCamo green
    Factory camo grayFactory camo gray

    Troy Lee Designs A2 MIPS Helmet

    Adidas navy/light blueAdidas navy/light blue
    Adidas blackAdidas black
    Sram redSram red
    Decoy blk/flt grnDecoy blk/flt grn
    Decoy dark gray/flo pnkDecoy dark gray/flo pnk
    Decoy blackDecoy black
    Decoy gry/sngDecoy gry/sng
    Air force blue/silverAir force blue/silver
    Air force blue/clayAir force blue/clay
    Flo yellow/air force blueFlo yellow/air force blue
    Jet grayJet gray
    Jet clayJet clay

    Troy Lee Designs A1 Classic MIPS Helmet

    £96.00 – £125.00
    Dark gray/aquaDark gray/aqua
    Air force blue/clayAir force blue/clay
    Classic bur/orgClassic bur/org
    Classic gry/whtClassic gry/wht
    Classic redClassic red
    Classic grayClassic gray
    Classic whiteClassic white
    Classic blackClassic black
    Sram black/redSram black/red

    Troy Lee Designs A1 Drone Helmet

    £90.00 – £95.00
    Drone black/flo yellowDrone black/flo yellow
    Drone black/redDrone black/red
    Drone gray/blackDrone gray/black
    Dark gray/aquaDark gray/aqua

    Troy Lee Designs A1 Classic MIPS Helmet - Youth

    Dark gray/yellowDark gray/yellow