Rent ENVE wheels at the Ironman World Championships

By Tom Ballard – 8 October 2019

ENVE wheels will now be available to rent at all Ironman and Ironman 70.3 triathlons in the US.

ENVE, the Official Wheel Partner of the Ironman World Championships has teamed up with Race Day Wheels to provide rentals as all US-based Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events including Kona this weekend.

The new programme gives triathletes racing on US soil the opportunity to try ENVE’s SES wheel range and experience the difference in both speed and stability that come from the brand’s handmade carbon rims thanks to expertly crafted rim shapes, curvature and widths.

Founded in 2005 and the official wheel rental partner for Ironman US events, Race Day Wheels will offer ENVE’s SES 5.6 and 7.8 wheelsets, both in disc and rim-brake models – the latter complete with ENVE’s exclusive moulded brake track for superior wet and dry performance. All rental wheels are set up with tubeless tyres to further reduce rolling resistance and protect against punctures.

The wheels are also covered by ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection programme, which offers ENVE owners free replacement wheels however they become damaged – and means that those renting wheels don’t need additional insurance.

“We’ve had ENVE wheel rentals on the mind for many years, but for a variety of reasons have never been able to bring the concept to life. Our partnership with Race Day Wheels allows us to move our vision from concept to reality, and as a result, more triathletes will now have access to ENVE’s SES technologies that deliver the best ride experience,” stated VP of Product and Consumer Experience for ENVE, Jake Pantone.

If you’re heading to Kona or any US Ironman or Ironman 70.3, you can reserve your wheelset of choice through, then meet up with the Race Day Wheels team at the Ironman expo for collection and professional installation.

Get ENVE Support In Kona

Racing in Kona? ENVE will be offering all athletes the opportunity to experience the brand’s latest tyre inflation technology to dial in the perfect tyre pressure. Additionally, tech discussions on Wednesday 9 October and Thursday 10 October from 3:00-3:30pm will cover the advantages of going tubeless and how to reduce rolling resistance. The tech discussions and ENVE Inflation Stations will be at the ENVE booth in the Ironman village.

ENVE Wheels From Saddleback

At Saddleback, we pride ourselves on building the best ENVE wheels in the world thanks to our team of master wheel builders and our in-house wheelbuilding workshop, which has been fitted out specifically with all the tools and technology to produce the finest results.

All ENVE wheelsets are available built-to-order either with the legendary performance of Chris King hubs or ENVE's own alloy hubs, which offer exceptional performance and a significant saving.

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