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Saddleback Welcomes PUSH Industries

Saddleback is thrilled to announce its exclusive new partnership with PUSH Industries, the no-compromise mountain bike suspension brand. As the official UK home of PUSH, we'll be offering trail and...

Saddleback is thrilled to announce its exclusive new partnership with PUSH Industries, the no-compromise mountain bike suspension brand.

As the official UK home of PUSH, we'll be offering trail and enduro riders the ultimate coil suspension upgrades as well as product support.

Founded in 2003, PUSH’s goal is to offer riders the best possible suspension performance, building the complete package to coil upgrade both ends of your bike by utilising the finest engineering solutions regardless of cost. To this end, PUSH uses only the highest quality materials and tightest of tolerances, CNC machining, and then assembling and tuning each product by hand at the brand’s Loveland, Colorado, HQ.

“We build an incredibly high-performance product, but ultimately we’re obsessed with our customers experience of that product and our brand,” says founder Darren Murphy. “Within 15 minutes of arriving at Saddleback, I could see the attention to detail, the passion, the precision: the obsession with excellence! I immediately knew our DNA was a match.”

Saddleback’s PUSH brand manager, Ross Grimmett, adds: “Just as Darren has seen his pursuit of excellence reflected in our attitude at Saddleback, we share his passion for unlocking the suspension potential of every rider’s mountain bike to improve the ride experience. The brand’s ElevenSix shocks and ACS3 fork kits will totally transform your bike making it incredibly sensitive and responsive – and with service intervals air-based products could only dream of.”

Two years in development, the ElevenSix is the first of its kind – a no-limit, bespoke, performance-driven coil-over rear shock covering 130 to 170mm travel for the ever-growing trail and enduro markets. “We wanted it to be a complete shock that you could ride straight out of the box, right down to its individual adjuster settings being pre-set. A product that wasn’t just ‘good’, but the best shock you have ever ridden. Period.”

Now available for 25 different bike brands and dozens of bike models, each individual ElevenSix design comes as a result of intensive on-the-bike testing using state-of-the-art data logging kit, and in the lab on the test jigs “Our in-house, custom-built suspension dynamometers are capable of capturing over 300mm of travel with a frequency in excess of 150hz and the ability to simulate actual trail data, we can replay any 10 minute section of trail  over and over until we have the tune dialled” says Murphy. “It’s certainly not the fastest way to develop products and bike fitments, but it’s what makes us who we are.”

Those seeking a front-end suspension upgrade should look no further and PUSH’s ACS3 coil conversion kits. Available for Fox 36 and RockShox Pike, Lyrik and Yari forks, the kits are fitted in minutes to give true, customised coil performance that prompted Singletrack Magazine to comment: “Apart from the dropper post, this is the single most ride-changing bit of kit I have put on a bike – it is that good.”

For most forks on the market, PUSH also manufactures its own Ultra Low Friction seals, which provide a reliable, class-leading seal while ensuring no friction affects suspension performance. The PUSH range is rounded out by precision suspension tools and components, which provide professional level performance.

As Saddleback progresses with PUSH, we will also be widening our brand support by providing product servicing and reconfiguration so that riders transferring their shock to a new bike can do so without the cost of an entirely new unit, enhancing the long-term value of PUSH products.

Products are due to arrive soon and will be available from as well as selected bike shops and suspension specialists throughout the UK.

Find out more about PUSH here.


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