Sidi Sixty: Python

By Stan Portus – 20 March 2020

The Sidi Sixty Python is the first in a series of exclusive versions of Sidi’s anniversary shoe, with more small run limited editions to be released throughout 2020.

Sidi is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the Sidi Sixty, and a series of limited-edition versions of the road cycling shoe throughout the year.

The first small run exclusive is the Sixty Python. The shoe takes the construction and feature of the Sixty but changes its skin for an eye-catching print.  

Product shot of the Sidi Sixty Snakeskin

The technology in the Sixty Python is the same as the usual colourways, and still offers a blend of iconic Sidi features and innovative solution that has proven a success with the pros.

Superb power transfer is achieved through Sidi’s Vent Carbon Sole. The sole is stiff but is constructed to introduce some flex in the toe box. This relieves stress to the plantar arch tendons and promotes proper circulation during activity, resulting ultimately in lasting comfort.

The Sidi Sixty Python closes with a Tecno-4 Closure System. Sidi first designed a rotor closing system in in 1988, and the latest in Sidi’s long line of closure systems consists of a single rotor to reduce weight while ensuring precise, micrometric adjustments.

A Velcro strap across the front of the road shoe helps create an even securer fit, while offering classic styling and presenting the Sixty’s insignia.

The snakeskin design is printed on TechPro microfibre. This advanced material is an eco-friendly leatherette which offers durability and water-repellency while being breathable.

Produced in a limited production run, the Python is an exclusive version of an already exclusive shoe that embodies Sidi’s commitment to illustrious design. Sidi will be releasing further small-run versions of the Sixty throughout the year, but like the Python, they will prove to be rare sightings.  

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