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The Silca Super Seven

By Stan Portus –  31 March 2020

The Silca Super Seven are game changers. From super accurate pumps to versatile torque sets, they are a testament to Silca’s beautiful engineering and rich heritage. We take a look.

Since its inception in 1917, Silca has always been committed to creating the most reliable, best functioning products possible through using high quality durable materials, traditional craftsmanship, and replaceable parts. More recently Silca is informed by – and draws inspiration from – their rich design history for performance and timeless aesthetics.

In 2013 Josh Poertner, Technical Director at Zipp for 14 years, decided to buy the company. Poertner moved Silca from Italy to Indianapolis, a region famed for the collective engineering and manufacturing genius of the race car industry. Silca now draws on this knowledge and expertise, while maintaining the ethos of combining durable materials and traditional craftmanship that has defined the company’s history.

The Silca Super Seven embodies Silca’s history, and its future, pairing Italian prestige and American engineering. Its aim is always to make products that are defined by beauty, function, strength, durability and longevity. All Silca products are still produced by hand. Such criteria ultimately inspire use, helping you keep your bike in the best shape, and bringing ease and style to the time you spend riding your bike.

Nastro Piloti Bar Tape

Handlebars wrapped in Silca's Nastro Piloti Br Tape

For the Nastro Piloti Bar Tape, Silca created a bespoke laminate that takes inspiration from the technology utilised in F1 tyres. The material provides as much comfort as 2.5mm at only 1.85mm, and retains maximal grip even in wet conditions. The tape features an asymmetric, textured pattern that can be wrapped in either direction to give moderate or high levels of grip according to your preference.

Silca-Silca Nastro Piloti Bar Tape-BLACK-SIAMAC006ASY0100-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Silca Nastro Piloti Bar Tape

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Pista Plus Floor Pump

Shot of the Pista Plus Floor Pump with Maratona Gear Bag in the background

The Pista Plus Floor continues Silca’s reputation for creating enduring pumps, which is something that attracted Poertner to Silca in the first place as he still uses a Silca pump that he bought in the 1990s.

With a three-footed aluminium base and turned Ash handle, the floor pump is incredibly stable and ideal for use at home, the workshop, or the velodrome. The pump has a durable steel barrel and a 3mm-thick leather plunger piston design ensuring longevity. The superior pumping efficiency of the classic 731 model Italian leather plunger washer and German Igus linear bearings also mean that thePista Plus is capable of reaching pressures of up to 220psi. 

Silca-Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump-SIAMPU003ASY0100-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump

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T-Ratchet and Torque Set

Mechanic holding the Silca T-Ratchet and Torque Set

"The Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque kit is a beautifully made, superlight, and multi-functional set of tools, made to the highest quality."

Mechanic using Silca's T-Ratchet and Torque Set to tighten stem bolts

The T-Ratchet and Torque Set is a packable torque wrench that provides real-time torque feedback by using a tightly wound internal spring system. The beam has three torque scales printed on the side of 2-6, 3-5, and 4-8. The tool comes in a duck waxed carry case and includes 6 Hex bits and 3 Torx bits. Thanks to the titanium and aluminium construction, the set is even light enough to take bike packing. 

Silca-Silca T Ratchet And Torque Kit-Red-Uni-SIAMTLRATTRQ001-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Silca T Ratchet And Torque Kit

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Seat Roll Premio

Person attaching Seat Roll Premio to a saddle
Picture of the Seat Roll Premio open

The Seat Roll Premio embodies Silca’s commitment to classic design and modern solutions. The seat roll is made from a waterproof, heavyweight wax cotton and is quilted with a reflective thread for visibility. Laid out flat the Premio has three compartments to store tools and spares. The roll attaches to your saddle with a Boa Closure System. A modern take on a classic.

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Maratona Gear Bag

Picture of the  Silca Maratona Gear Bag open in the back of a car Cyclist wearing the Maratona Gear Bag pushing their bike

The Maratona Gear Bag was designed as a cycling specific travel bag for those weekend riding trips and races, yet is versatile enough to be used as a general travel bag. Key features include an internal vented shoe bag with both internal and external access, a vented damp garment bag and internal water bottle holsters. The Maratona combines 600D Nylon and waxed canvas with a bright red lining, giving classic Silca styling and unfaultable durability.

Silca-Silca Maratona Gear Bag-Black-Uni-SIAMBG002ASY0100-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Silca Maratona Gear Bag

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Sicuro Ti Bottle Cage

Hero shot of the Silca Sicuro Ti Bottle Cage

The Sicuro Ti Bottle Cage is a classic that has been re-engineered to provide excellent bottle retention. Made from aerospace-grade titanium at Silca’s HQ in Indiannaoplis, the Sicuro Ti Bottle Cage is guaranteed for 25 years. 

Silca-Silca Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage-Uni-Silver-SIAMAHY002ASY0100-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Silca Sicuro Titanium Bottle Cage

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Super Pista Digital

Close up of the digital dial on the Super Pista Digital

The Super Pista Digital shares much in common with the Pista Plus Floor Pump, but with a digital read out display, enabling accuracy to 0.5psi. The Super Pista comes with the multi-award winning Hiro chuck. This full metal chuck was originally designed for ultra-high pressure track use, but mechanics have since found that they prefer it for its compact size, adjustability, and extreme holding ability on all valve and valve extension designs. 

Close up detail of the Silca Pista Digital base
Close up detail of the Silca Pista Digital handle and chuck
Silca-Silca SuperPista Digital Floor Pump-SIAMPU002ASY0100-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Silca SuperPista Digital Floor Pump

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