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Silca Launches New Floor Pumps, Y-Wrench and Bottle Cage

Pista Plus and SuperPista Digital floor pumps plus Ypsilon Y-wrenches and Sicuro Carbon bottle cage join the Silca line-up. Based in the advanced engineering hotspot of Indianapolis, the Silca team’s...

Pista Plus and SuperPista Digital floor pumps plus Ypsilon Y-wrenches and Sicuro Carbon bottle cage join the Silca line-up.

Based in the advanced engineering hotspot of Indianapolis, the Silca team’s prolific output of the sport’s finest inflation and tools continues with no less than four new products, which will be available from Saddleback from the start of November.

SuperPista Digital Floor Pump

The SuperPista Digital floor pump combines the best traditions and manufacturing quality of Silca’s past with a modern digital gauge that is accurate to 0.5psi. Powered by a CR2032 coin battery, the gauge is backlit and mounted at the top of the pump – one of the features most requested by pro and home mechanics alike.

In true Silca fashion, the pump’s internals are peerless. Effective up to 220psi, Silca has used a full metal shock piston with a classic Italian leather plunger washer and German Igus linear bearings to create the brand’s most efficient and smoothest running SuperPista to date. The leather washer – the same used in Silca pumps for decades – actually increases the efficiency of the pump over time as it polishes the barrel’s interior.

The black lathe-turned ash handle – the shaping inspired by high-end chef’s knives – gives a comfortable, positive grip while the robust metal side-locking Hiro chuck with magnetic dock is incredibly easy to seat on valves.

Pista Plus Floor Pump

The all-new Pista Plus floor pump bridges the gap between the Pista and SuperPista Ultimate pumps, borrowing tech and design cues from each to create a versatile, ultra-stable floor pump that retains Silca’s heirloom quality.

All the performance components that have made Pista floor pumps so cherished since their original launch in 1962 are present and correct: a durable, high-strength steel barrel; authentic leather plunger piston design; and brass air bridge and check valve assembly. The base-mounted, heavy-duty gauge is precise and easy to read thanks to high-contrast text and generous 2.5” diameter.

The long filler hose ends with an integrated Schrader chuck that can be secured to the pump for transportation. A push-on alloy Presta chuck complete with a bleed valve is also included to perfect that all-important pressure.

Designed to be left at home, the workshop or the velodrome, the Pista Plus utilises a three-footed aluminium base reminiscent of the Ultimate to give superb stability. The pump also borrows the same lathe-turned ash handle shaping for enhanced ergonomics over the regular Pista. 

Ypsilon Y-Wrench

The perfect partner for Silca’s HX series of hex keys, the Ypsilon is the brand’s high-end take on the humble Y-wrench. Rather than sticking to the traditional 4, 5 and 6mm keys found on most Y-wrenches, Silca has made the Ypsilon more adjustable by partnering the fixed 4 and 5mm keys with a quarter-inch magnetic bit collet. 

This allows you to quickly transform the tool into whatever you need from the selection of included bits: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 6mm hex; T8, T10, T15, T20, T25 and T30 Torx; PH1 and PH2 Philips drivers; and SL4 and SL5 flat-blade drivers. Each of the bits is made from Silca’s durable and precise S2 tool steel. 

The Ypsilon is available in three options. The Ypsilon Home Kit comes in a birch box with all the tools fitted into a customisable foam insert. The perfect partner for the HX One Home Essential Kit, this is the perfect special gift for the home workshop enthusiast.

Silca is also releasing the Ypsilon Travel Kit, which comes with all the same accessories as the Home Kit with the exception of the presentation box and the standalone Ypsilon wrench, which comes with a 6mm hex bit.

Sicuro Carbon Bottle Cage

Silca has developed the Sicuro Carbon bottle cage for riders seeking low weight and high performance. The design is focused on lateral stability and vibration dampening, the neglected areas that cause of the majority of bottle ejections. 

To tackle stability, Silca created a cylindrical profile from the baseplate up. The long lateral profile extends higher on the bottle, which combined with the winglet at the top, prevents the bottle from lifting out of the cage of its own accord.

Silca Sicuro Carbon

Vibration damping is aided by the carbon layup – too thin and vibration is increased, too thick and excess weight is added. Silca’s omni-ply layup hits the perfect sweet spot in this respect maximising bottle security for just 26g.

Like the Sicuro Ti, the cage has elongated mountain eyelets giving 10mm of adjustment. It also includes an accessory mounting system on the bottom, something that Silca will be expanding on in the near future.

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