Stages Cycling Announces StagesBike

By Tom Ballard – 14 August 2019

Stages Cycling has unveiled StagesBike, a new indoor smart bike that combines optimisation for apps like Zwift with a real-world bike setup to help you raise your performance indoors and take your speed onto the road.

With Stages’ position as the world’s largest power meter manufacturer and the fastest-growing provider of indoor bikes to fitness clubs, the StagesBike is a perfect synergy of the US brand’s indoor and outdoor technologies. Add in massive adjustability, tons of customisation and a stable frame that’ll handle your fiercest sprints and StagesBike has to be the ultimate indoor trainer to take your Zwift riding to the next level.

Stages Cycling Vice President, Pat Warner, says: “The StagesBike maintains our focus on innovation, accuracy, and reliability, pairing our years of experience building bikes that can withstand the abuse of a fitness club with the real-world cycling expertise demanded by Tour de France-level professionals.”

That’s exactly what Stages will deliver when the StagesBike goes on sale in the first quarter of 2020 – a robust, pro-level setup that’s as intuitive for road riders as gymgoers. 

Fit for real cyclists

The StagesBike comes with hoods-equipped drop bars and a road saddle giving a familiar setup, but it’s easy to swap these out for your preferred choice, including a set of aerobars if you’re looking to train for triathlon or TT.

Transferring your fit from your road or TT bike is easy thanks to laser-etched scales and micro-adjustability so you can fine-tune your saddle height, fore/aft, reach and stack. You can even choose your crank length with four options from 165 to 175mm. 

Zwift optimisation

The StagesBike has been designed with online training platforms in mind and comes packed with features to enrich your indoor riding experience. The brake hoods feature integrated, programmable shift buttons while sprint buttons are ideal for climbing or aerobar extensions. Add in built-in braking and steering and Stages has future-proofed the bike to handle whatever app developers throw at you next.

Meanwhile, ANT+, Bluetooth, FE-C and FTMS compatibility means out-the-box support for your favourite online training platforms. Stages has also added two high-speed USB ports so that your tablet, which sits on the integrated out-front holder, never runs out of juice. 

Under the hood

To perfectly balance accuracy and durability, Stages has combined the best of its indoor technology with its Gen 3 dual-sided Power LR power meter, winner of multiple Tour de France victories.

Gearing is taken care of by a quiet, maintenance-free Gates Carbon belt drive paired to a flywheel giving electronic resistance of up to 3,000 watts at 120rpm. All this is built around an ultra-stable and robust frame, that’ll happily take your biggest out the saddle efforts.

The StagesBike is set to launch in Q1 2020 with pricing yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for updates regarding UK stock availability. 

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