Stages Factory Install 

22 March 2022

By Dan Duguid

Stages Power Meters ready for install lit up with a yellow tinge

Struggling to find a power meter compatible groupset? Super-charge your training regime by getting your crank fitted with a Gen 3 Stages power meter.

In 2012, Stages Cycling redefined the power meter. By attaching their power meter onto a Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo crank arm they delivered world class accuracy of +/- 1.5%, enabling cyclists to pinpoint weak areas in their race and implement personalised training programmes. All of this was delivered in a lightweight design, priced to be accessible.

Now Stages is offering more UK and Irish cyclists the chance to adopt power meter technology. Through Saddleback you can get a Stages Factory Install service, previously only available in the US, to transform your new or existing crank into a Stages power meter.

Stages technician fitting a power meter to a crank

This opportunity has arrived at a time when new Shimano Dura Ace 9200 and Ultegra 8100 groupsets have never been harder to come by.

The Stages Factory Install, priced from just £299, will see your crank fitted with the latest Gen 3 Stages power meter at the brand’s facility in Boulder, Colorado, after which it will be calibrated and tested to ensure it delivers consistent, reliable data readings. Stages will also cover your new power meter with its Factory Warranty. It’s an extremely simple and cost-effective way to get started training with power.

Calibrating a Stages Power Meter at the factory
Stages factory technician working on a power meter

The Stages Factory Install is now available for the range of cranks below in L (non-drive-side), R (drive-side) and LR (dual sided) on selected models:

Dura Ace R9200 (L)
Dura Ace R9100 (L, R, LR)
Ultegra R8100 (L)
Ultegra R8000 (L, R, LR)
105 R7000 (L, R)
XTR M9100/M9120 (L, R, LR)
XT M8100 (L, R, LR)
XT M8000 (L, R)

Si HG (L)

Campagnolo and AXS are currently unavailable but expect to see the list of upgradeable products increase.

If your crank is eligible and you’re keen to optimise your training regime and achieve your best ever performance and results, simply follow this process: 

  • Visit our site to see if your crank is applicable and then purchase either L, R or LR power meters. You will then be sent an email shortly after purchase with the next steps.
  • If you have any questions or are unable to visit our site, you can also contact the Saddleback Customer Service Team on or 01454 285285.
  • Confirm your crank, model and size, and send an image of the crank to our team, after which you will be supplied a returns number.
  • Next, send your crank to the returns address by the 25th of the month to ensure your crank will be shipped the same month to Stages’ facility in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Saddleback will then return your crank within 4-6 weeks of the 28th of the month it was received, with your new world class power meter fitted.
Stages Factory Install fitting crank with new power meter
Product image for skus STARU68LA, STARU68LC
Product image for skus STARU68LA, STARU68LC

Stages Power L Shimano Ultegra 6800 - Remanufactured

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Product images for skus STARD90LC
Product images for skus STARD90LC

Stages Power L Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 - Remanufactured

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Product image for skus STSR2LC, STSR2LD, STSR2LE
Product image for skus STSR2LC, STSR2LD, STSR2LE

Stages Power L - Campagnolo Super Record 12 Speed

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