What's The Best Sidi Road Shoe For You?

30 September 2021

By Nicki Giles

Model rides bike with ENVE wheels in Sidi road shoes

Are you looking for a long-distance cycling shoe? A racing shoe? Or a pro-peloton proven climbing shoe? Whatever you’re after, Sidi has it.

Every Sidi shoe combines durability and fine craftsmanship with cutting edge performance, but as any keen cyclist knows, ‘performance’ means different things to different sorts of rider. It can mean a secure fit that will hold your foot in place when powering up an alpine pass, a super-stiff sole offering the necessary power to take down your mates during a sprint, unbeatable breathability for challenge rides in warm climates, or simply the ability to ride all day in comfort.

If you need convincing of the supremacy of Sidi’s offering, during any Grand Tour you’ll find a mass of  Sidi shoes within the peloton, and likely see them displayed on the podium at the end of a number of stages. In fact, the victors of the last two editions of the Giro d’Italia collected their medals in Milan shod in Sidi.

You can now benefit from some of the same innovations that helped these champions to outpace their rivals. We’ll talk you through the distinguishing features of five fabulous Sidi shoes to help you find your winning match. 

Athletes rest in Sidi road shoes

Sidi Fast Road Shoes

The Sidi Fast Road Shoe features the same Carbon Composite 20 Sole as the longtime favourite Sidi Genius 10, but the closure system is somewhat different. A single Tecno-3 System dial at the ankle allows easy access and ensures the upper hugs your foot securely.

The simplicity of this closure mechanism means you can ram your foot in shoe, twist the dial, and speed off – in fact, some triathletes who want more coverage than Sidi’s triathlon-specific T-5 Air shoe offers opt for this model instead. However, it's real strength is as a fantastic all-rounder that is easy to adjust, goes for miles and miles in all seasons without losing its stylish looks, and offers both comfort and support to the wearer. 

Sidi Fast Road cycling shoes on table

An externally moulded heel cup is included to offer protection and assist with your climbing, as is a replaceable grippy insert in the heel, designed to aid you with walking. There’s also a double-layered panel over the heel and toe sections and a rubber section on top of the ankle, to help keep your foot firmly anchored during your most powerful pedal strokes.

This shoe also features the same classy, ventilated, eco-friendly solvent-free upper as the Genius in the guise of a classic road shoe, available in black and white only. This rare mid-range offering from Sidi gets a lot of love from reviewers. In fact, Cyclist magazine called the Fast “a stylish, simple, Baby Bear’s porridge of a shoe”, that represents “some of the best value footwear I’ve wedged my feet into for quite some time”.

Sidi Genius 10 Road Shoes

The latest incarnation of Sidi’s popular all-rounder, the Sidi Genius 10 Road Shoe has been updated with a new closure system and sole. The dual Tecno-3 System dials, paired with the Soft Instep Closure System strap, make it possible to adjust the fit over the top of the foot to suit individual insteps, as well as over the lower foot for extra security.

The new Carbon Composite 20 Sole is made of nylon injected with carbon fibre, so it is both light and stiff. Thus, you will be able to pedal powerfully without as much effort, but a slight flex means that these shoes will be kind to your feet over long distances.

Sidi Genius 10 road cycling shoes stacked on table

Some other great features of the Genius 10 include vents at the toe and perforations in the fabric, to allow your feet to breathe, an upper made from stiff, eco-friendly synthetic leather and a roomier toe box than in previous versions. There is also an externally moulded heel cup to keep the foot anchored during climbs, not to mention grippy, replaceable pads at the heel and toe to make walking when off the bike that bit easier.

The Genius 10 is an upper mid-range shoe that delivers a perfect pairing of comfort with durability, making it light, easy-to-wear and a great shoe for long distance riding season after season.

Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoes

With the Sidi Wire 2 Carbon Road Shoes, we remain in dual Tecno-3 dial territory with a Soft Instep Closure System strap mechanism for securing the foot. As opposed to the Genius 10, though, the dial at the foot is embedded in the tongue of the shoe, allowing you to cinch up the closure for an even more luxurious, custom fit feel.

Further security is provided by Sidi’s patented signature cup and the Adjustable Heel Retention Device. This tightens around the top of the heel cup to ensure that, regardless of how hard you sprint, hill climb or pummel those pedals, your foot will go nowhere.

Closeup of Sidi Wire 2 Carbon road cycling shoes

Now we come to the feature that really sets the Wire 2 apart, its incredible levels of ventilation. These are provided by the breathable, hole-punched TechPro microfibre upper, the ventilated heel cup and the Vent Carbon Sole, with its air channels, heels vents and adjustable vent at the toe.

The sole is made from 100% carbon fibre, woven to maximise the stiffness and power transfer, while allowing toe flex to reduce stress on your foot. You’ll find a cleat measuring scale on it and all small parts are replaceable, including the heel cup and walking bumpers.

This shoe is the perfect model to use when cycling in hot climates or racing – it’s a firm favourite with sprinters in the peloton and circuit racers, and Velo News called it "a premium choice for serious riders and racers". However, it’s also suitable for everyday cyclists who value performance and innovation.

Sidi Sixty Road Shoes

The Sidi Sixty Road Shoe was designed to mark the 60th anniversary of Sidi and has since become the pro-climber’s shoe of choice. Egan Bernal, for one, favours this shoe. Why? Because it’s as light as it is technical, and as BikeRadar testifies, “You’ll be hard pushed to discover a shoe that feels as good when worn day in, day out and on long arduous rides.”

These shoes cut down on weight by using a pared-down, moulded integrated heel support and a Tecno-4 system that offers ease of entry and precise closure using just the one rotor dial. There’s a Velcro patch to hold the tongue in place and a Velcro closure strap at the toe, with Sidi’s signature saw-tooth inserts, to keep your foot in place.

Side view of blue Sidi Sixty road cycling shoes

Like the Wire 2, this shoe has an airy, 3k Vent Carbon weave sole that will provide the stiffness required to help you power up those slopes, while keeping your feet cool and healthy. The fact that the toe vent can be shut again, though, will ensure you don’t freeze your feet in the winter either! Again, cleat markers and a measuring scale are included, as well as replaceable heel and toe guards.

The upper, meanwhile, is constructed from a single piece of quality TechPro microfibre, which is light, breathable and water resistant at the same time. A toe overlay adds extra protection, while the padding under the tongue and on key points within the heel adds a touch of luxury to the feel of it. On top of all that, it’s a very good-looking shoe, with a classy matt finish in a range of colours.

Sidi Shot 2 Road Shoes

It’s almost a misnomer to call this superb shoe the Sidi Shot 2 Road Shoe, as it’s actually a complete redesign of the Shot, crammed with new features. Take the dial system; the Shot 2 includes the brand new double Tecno-3 Push Flex rotor closing system.

Both dials are mounted on the tongue, although the plate they’re mounted on is split, giving just a little flex for added comfort. The dials pull the shoe closed evenly on both sides to avoid the creation of pressure points or hotspots.

Another feature unique to this model is the C-boost SRS – or Sole Replacement System – Sole. As the name suggests, it includes large removable inserts in the heel and toe, with vents built into those inserts. There's also a sliding cleat mount, which offers an additional 5mm of aft movement for greater cleat positioning choice.

Once again, the heel cup and retention system are there to keep the foot firmly in place, but in this instance the heel cut is shaped for less bulk, shaving a few grams off for the weight weenies out there.

Arty shot of Sidi Shot 2 road cycling shoes

On top of the fact that it's made of full carbon, this sole is carefully shaped to allow better power transmission that ever before. There’s no fear that extra stiffness will mean a drop in pedalling comfort either, since there’s a fitted insole to cushion your foot.

As with the Sidi Sixty, the upper is constructed from a single piece of TechPro microfibre, which is breathable and water resistant, making this a shoe suited for all weathers. The fact that it has been given a water repellent and antibacterial treatment means that it will stay fresh and clean, ride after ride. Additionally, you can easily wipe the surface clean of mud and grit.

Combined, the superb fit and potential for power mean that these very fine shoes are perfectly suited to short, sharp events, such as time trials, criterium races and circuit races. However, since it is also an extremely comfortable, supportive, breathable shoe that is built to last, the Sidi Shot 2 is a great investment for any serious cyclist. In fact, Chris Froome is one of the many Sidi athletes for whom the Shot 2 is the Grand Tour footwear of choice.

Cyclists ride in the country wearing Sidi road shoes