Castelli Shoe Covers

Shoe covers, overshoes, booties, whatever you choose to call them they are a winter essential for all cyclists.

Castelli's shoe covers fall into 4 main groups: aero, warm, waterproof and combined. That might seem like overkill but a wide selection of shoe covers is needed to cater for all conditions. 

When it's sub-zero outside but with blue skies, warmth will be your priority over and above rain protection. You'll therefore want thick covers, but with enough breathability to help keep you from overheating. 

If you're riding in dry, cool conditions, a light, sleek and highly breathable air-permeable shoe cover will keep your feet sweat-free and help to speed you on your way. 

When you're riding in rain, it's not likely to be very cold (cold rain is snow), so you'll need less insulation. Castelli therefore makes some waterproof covers that are still sleek, light and aero.

Finally, some cyclists want to ride through the very worst winter conditions and need appropriate protection, so Castelli has created some really hardy shoe covers that are both toasty warm and completely waterproof.

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