Castelli Shoe Covers

Shoe covers, overshoes, booties call them what you will they are a winter essential for all cyclists.

Castelli shoe covers fall into 4 main groups aero, warm, waterproof and combined. That might seem like overkill but there is a reason its very easy to make a warm waterproof shoe cover but it will be bulky and sweaty.

If your riding is in dry cool conditions a highly breathable air-permeable shoe cover will stop your feet sweating which means they will be warmer (and your shoes will be fresher) and they can be made lighter and sleeker.

And if your riding in the rain its not going to be very cold (cold rain is snow) so you need less insulation so again Castelli can make them sleeker lighter and more aero.

But recognising some cyclists want a one-stop shop Castelli to create overshoes that do it all, but they are more expensive and heavier and bulkier.

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