ENVE Road Wheels

Shop ENVE Road wheels and you shop Lighter, Stronger, Stiffer and more Aero - How light, strong, stiff and aero? Just the right amount. Our SES road wheels combine these attributes to an extent that is literally without rival. They are blazingly fast thanks to advanced, wind tunnel developed aerodynamics and their exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratios enable electrifying acceleration and handling response. What’s more, at every depth they redefine aero wheel stability in strong crosswinds to such an extent that you barely notice the wind, let alone worry about it. All our road wheels are optimised for wider tyres. ENVE rims also feature dedicated builds for rim or disc brakes and feature extra strong moulded not drilled spoke holes to create the greatest strength to weight ratio avaialble.


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ENVE SES 2.2 Decals

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